• Wed, Nov 11, 11:36 AM
    St. Johns, Avalon Peninsula
    All brand new new never opened or used. Some of these items are out of production. Bobble heads, Walking dead banks/busts, Walking dead monopoly ,. Trivia game , Pocket pop collector tin,Wallet, Daryl action figure, Replica foam katana, Board game, Daryl on motorcycle pop, Negan pop , Carl pop,Hershel pop,Carol pop,Teddy bear girl pop,. Daryl plush ,Lunchbox. Only want to sell all together. Make offer
  • Fri, Nov 13, 3:00 PM
    St. John's, Avalon Peninsula
    Tigatron-Beast Wars-*SOLD Jawbreaker-Beast Wars-Transmetal 2-*SOLD Tripredicus-Beast Wars-*SOLD Scourge-Beast Wars-Transmetal 2-*SOLD Cheetor-Beast Wars-*SOLD Waspinator-Beast Wars-Transmetal-*SOLD Magnaboss-Beast Wars-*SOLD Deluxe Figures Thrust-Beast Machines Tarantulas-Beast Wars Strika-Beast Machines Jawbreaker-Beast Wars-Transmetal 2 Dinobot-Beast Wars-Transmetal 2 Blackarachnia-Beast Wars Injector-Beast Wars-fuzor Cheetor-Beast Wars-Transmetal 2 Jetstorm (have 2 of these)-Beast Machines Rattrap-Beast Wars-Transmetal Airazor-Beast Wars-Transmetal Blackarachnia-Beast Machines Rhinox-Beast Wars Bonecrusher-Beast Wars Cheetor-Beast Machines Wolfang-Beast Wars Tarantulas-Beast Wars-Transmetal Terrorsaur-Beast Wars-Transmetal Skydive-Beast Machines Skyshadow-Beast Wars-Fuzor Manterror-Beast Wars Tricerodon-Beast Machines Silverbolt-1985 transformers Buzzsaw-Beast Wars Cheetor-Beast Wars-Transmetal Rhinox-Beast Wars-Transmetal Ramulus-Beast Wars-Transmetal 2 Prowl-Beast Wars-Transmetal 2 Optimus Primal-Beast Machines Prowl-Transformers-RID Snarl-Beast Machines Torca-Beast Wars-Fuzor K-9-Beast Wars Rav Deployer-Beast Machines Poison Bite-Beast Wars-Mutant Supreme Figures Optimus Primal Air Attack-Beast Machines Cheetor-Beast Machines Ultra Figures Depth Charge-Beast Wars-Transmetal Optimal Optimus-Beast Wars-Transmetal Jetstorm-Beast Machines Tigerhawk-Beast Wars-Transmetal 2 Rampage-Beast Wars-Transmetal Megatron-Beast Wars Optimus Primal-Beast Wars T-wrecks-Beast Wars Nightscream-Beast Machines Ultra Transformers Optimus Prime (RID) Ultra Magnus Not pictured* Grimlock-RID Transformers Heavy Load-RID Transformers Retrax-Beast Wars As for prices, make me an offer. I’ll adjust if there’s a specific one you want with parts missing.