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      St. John's, Avalon Peninsula
  • $100.00obo
    Thu, May 21, 9:27 AM
    Mount Pearl, Avalon Peninsula
    Aquarium is in excellent condition it has everything you need except the fish.
  • $125.00
    Thu, Jul 9, 12:02 PM
    St Johns, Avalon Peninsula
    20 gallon saltwater aquarium with two clown fish, two snails and three crab. Comes with stand, LED lamp, automatic feeder, new heater, protein skimmer, and nearly a full 5 gallon bucket of coral reef salt. $125 for everything. Reason for selling. I work a rotation and it’s too difficult to maintain while I’m away.
  • $40.00
    Tue, Jun 2, 9:57 PM
    St. John's, Avalon Peninsula
    Red Sea Berlin X2 Turbo Protein Skimmer **Please note: This skimmer does NOT come with a pump. You will have to attach your own, or find a replacement, as is reflected in the price. Hang on kit not included The following information was found online: Has a Collection Cup with built in foam-view window Patented window built into the side of the skimmer neck allows for accurate real time evaluation of foam production. The Triple-Pass Principle Red Sea’s patented Triple-Pass maximizes the water air contact time inside the skimmer reaction chamber stripping the aquarium water for even the smallest traces of organic pollutants, while minimizing the external dimensions and footprint of the product. By forcing the water-air mixture along a circuitous route, the Berlin X2 achieves a total surface area equal to that of much larger conventional skimmers. Hang-on-tank kit Enables the Berlin X2 to be quickly and easily converted from in-sump to hang-on configuration. Hang on kit not included Benefits: -Highly efficient skimming action Removes even the smallest traces of organic pollutants from aquarium water -Super compact design Minimal loss of seawater Turbo aspirator - NEW high performance pinwheel impeller -Increased quantity of superfine air bubbles in homogeneous air-water mixture Max. water throughtput: 900 lph / 225 gph Max. air throughtput: 300 lph / 75 gph. Long term pollutant reduction Tests have shown that over time the Berlin X2 is extremely effective in lowering the level of oxygen-consuming pollutants (COD/BOD) in the aquarium water. The recommended aquarium volume ratings for the Berlin X2 have been calculated according the optimum turnover rate per aquarium type, as determined by laboratory test conducted at Red Sea. They are as follows: Fish tank: 1 turnover/h Soft Corals (LPS): 1.5-2 turnover/h Hard Corals (SPS): 3-4 turnover/h Tags: bacteria solids filter fish tank holding seafood live hangon hang Thanks for looking!
  • $75.00
    Fri, May 29, 12:49 AM
    st.john's, Eastern
    Marineland led light. Fits up to a 4 ft tank. One light seems to be dimming.
  • $5.00
    Mon, Jun 8, 10:45 PM
    St. John's, Avalon Peninsula
    Qty of 6, 50 lb buckets of ClorAm-x. $200 /bucket or $5/pound ClorAm-x® is a highly concentrated powder that completely neutralizes ammonia, chlorine and chloramines from fresh and saltwater. It is non-toxic to fish and invertebrates. Dosage rate: 1 oz ClorAm-X® per 235 gallons of water removes 1 mg/l of total ammonia. A 5 lb box treats 18,749 gallons. Tags: Holding tank Aquaculture Fish Farming
  • $10.00firm
    Sat, Jun 27, 9:04 AM
    St. John's, Eastern
    Aquarius Dual Test Kit Chlorine and Hydrogen Kit $10 firm
  • $4.00
    Sat, May 30, 11:12 AM
    St. John's, Avalon Peninsula
    Activated Carbon Filter Pellets. Large quantities available An Effective Pelletized Carbon for Fresh And Saltwater Aquariums. These Activated Carbon Pellets Absorb Toxic Waste And Prevent The Buildup Of Harmful Gases. This Activated Carbon Also Contains Large Absorption Pores Which Are Vital To Removing Organic Compounds And Dissolved Organics. Aquarium Fish Tank Aquaculture SAVE MONEY-----> Retails in Canada for around $8 or more per pound. I'm selling for $4 per pound
  • $100.00
    Sat, May 30, 10:40 AM
    St. John's, Avalon Peninsula
    Qty of 19: Hayward 3 way electric valve actuators (white), Model# EPM3-120, sold with 2" ball valves mounted $200 ea. Qty of 8: Hayward 2 way electric valve actuators (blue), Model# EADAD, sold with 1" ball valves mounted $100 ea. Common Applications: -Water & Wastewater Treatment -Chemical Processing -Food & Beverage -Swimming Pools & Water Parks -Aquaculture -Aquarium & Zoo Service -Pharmaceutical -Pulp & Paper -Landfill Service -Marine & Corrosive Environments -Metal Finishing & Plating
  • $5,000.00
    Fri, May 29, 9:10 PM
    St.John's, Avalon Peninsula
    My Relief Creation (MRC) Protein Skimmer, Foam Fractionator. Great Condition with little use, and comes with pump attached to base. a top of the line foam fractionator for the Aquaculture industry. Foam fractionators are used extensively for water polishing, fine solids removal, and nutrient level control. Using a high efficiency needle-wheel impeller pump, these units provide unmatched, superior performance, and substantial power savings over comparable models. In addition, the triple cone washdown system provides easy cleaning and decreased collection cup maintenance An essential piece of equipment for holding live seafood. Tags: Fish Lobster Crab Aquarium Holding tank Fish farming