• Thu, Jul 11, 2:57 PM
    Conception Bay South, Avalon Peninsula
    Horse-$7 Sheltie saves the day-$5 Vampires don't wear polka-dots-$5 Just as long as we're together-$5 Winter according to Humphrey-$5 Horses and ponies-$5 I love horses and ponies-$5 Junie b Jones is captain field day-$5 Encyclopedia brown-$5 The Nancy Drew notebooks-$5 Runaway hamster-$5 Beware of dog-$5 Yorkshire terriers-$6 Runaway retriever-$5 Dog at the door-$5 Sleepover sleuths-$5 Chick-napped!-$5 Mirror, mirror-$7 Danger:twins at work-$5 Bulldog won't budge-$5 Scooby Doo and the dance club curse-$5 Scooby Doo and the groovy ghost-$5 Scooby Doo and the deep sea Diver-$5 Scooby Doo and the cactus creature-$5 Scooby Doo the hotel of horrors-$5 Wizard for a day-$6 Be a wolf-$5 Yorkshire terriers owner manual-$8 Dachshund disaster-$5 My sister the vampire-$5 A river ran wild-$10 Storm runners-$5 Chill out-$6 Desperate for a dog-$5 Judy Moody goes to college-$5 I survived-$7 Max the missing puppy-$5 Lucky the rescued puppy-$5 What Katy did-$10 What a wonderful world-$10 The mitten-$10 Love you forever-$10 Tales of a fourth-grade nothing-$5 Superfudge-$5 Fudge-a-mania-$5(I have two copies) Double fudge-$5 Each book can be got seperate, will update when a book is sold, all together= $200