• $40.00
    Sat, Feb 2, 11:13 AM
    Arnolds Cove, Avalon Peninsula
    Beautiful display books for the Harley lover. History of the brand and lots of vintage photos. Both books are hard cover with dust jackets.......in near mint shape. Great coffee table books for the man-cave. Will sell separate for $25 ea or take both for $40.
  • $10.00
    Fri, Feb 8, 7:51 PM
    Mount Pearl, Avalon Peninsula
    Most of these books are large, coffee table type. Price ranges from $5.00 - 10.00 each. Num; Title; Author 1;"Beatles Album";"Julia Delano" 2;"Beatles Forever";"Helen Spence"3;"Evis Presley: Unseen Archives";"Marie Clayton" 4;"Elvis Presley: Unseen Archives";"Marie Clayton" 5;"Elvis: A Tribute to His Life";"Susan Doll" 6;"Glory Days: Bruce Springsteen in the 1980's";"Annie Leibovitz, Dave Marsh" 7;"Grateful Dead 365";"Holly George-Warren" 8;"It Was Thirty Years Ago Today";"Terence Spencer" 9;"Jimi Hendrix: A Brother's Story";"Leon Hendrix, Adam Mitchell" 10;John;"Cynthia Lennon" 11;"John Lennon Summer of 1980";"Yoko Ono" 12;"LIFE The Rolling Stones: 50 Years of Rock 'n' Roll";"Editors of Life" 13;"Metallica: Nothing Else Matters: The Stories Behind the Biggest Songs (Stories Behind Every Song)";"Chris Ingham" 14;"Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now";"Barry Miles" 15;"Remember: The Recollections and Photographs of the Beatles";"Michael McCartney" 16;"Rock Hardware";"Rh Value Publishing" 17;"The 'Beatles' (Icons of Our Time)";"Tim Hill" 18;"The Beatles - 24 Posters";Unknown 19;"The Beatles Anthology";"Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr" 20;"The Beatles Revealed";"Hugh Fielder" 21;"The Beatles: An oral history";"David Pritchard" 22;"The Beatles: On Camera, Off Guard 1963–69";"Mark Hayward" 23;"The Beatles: Unseen Archives"; 24;"The Elvis Treasures";"Robert Gordon" 25;"The Elvis Treasures [Hardcover] by robert gordon";"Robert Gordon" 26;"The Jim Morrison Scrapbook";"Steve Turner, Jim Henke" 27;"The Rolling Stones: Black and White Blues, 1963";"Gus Coral, Debra Rodman, David Hinckley" 28;"The Top 100 Best - Selling Albums"; 29;"Treasures of Led Zeppelin";"Chris Welch" 30;"U2 by U2";"U2, Neil McCormick" 31;"U2: Burning Desire : The Complete Story";"Sam Goodman" 32;"When Giants Walked the Earth: A Biography of Led Zeppelin";"Mick Wall"