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    Tue, Sep 22, 7:29 PM
    Gander, Central/Interior
    Lots about Merasheen and Placentia Bay. John Lou Ennis, Adapting to a Changing Situation
  • $40.00
    Sat, Aug 15, 7:46 PM
    Gander, Central/Interior
    Several crafts and how to actually do them - with instructions from the masters. Louise Belbin, Grand Bank - rug hooking. Melvin Woolfrey, Moreton’s Harbour - barrel making. George Allen, Hawkes Bay - snowshoes. Greta Hussey, Port de Grave - spinning. Susie Igloliorte, Hopedale - skin boots. Harry Ennis, St. John’s - cod trap. Also how to knit cuffs, make Sunday boots, and make a breadbox. Book by Francis Ennis, Sheilagh McMurrich Koop, Susan Shiner, and Carol Baxter Wherry. ‘Twas a Way of Life.
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    Sat, Sep 12, 10:36 AM
    St. John's, Eastern
    Nursing Textbooks For Sale $10 each Community Health (sold)