• Wed, May 5, 9:27 PM
    Salmon Cove, Avalon Peninsula
    Fertile Chicken Eggs from 4 different kinds of Cochins, jersey Giants (blue & black), Wyandotte X Brahmas. 1st dozen - $12 2nd dozen - $10 3rd dozen - $8 4th dozen - $6 Eggs are from purebred hens. Please no emails. Use listed phone number only.
  • $250
    Tue, May 11, 9:24 PM
    CBS, Avalon Peninsula
    Full kit includes:- Coop 4ft x 2 ft x 5ft high, raised to provide cover underneath. Just right for 4 hens. Perches and plastic floor for cleaning. Attached nest boxes with hinged lid. Large lift off access for cleaning. Hatch for hen access/exit to ramp. Metal feed bin and auto feeder. 2 water stations and spare nipples. Moveable run as picture. 4 hens provided 4 eggs a day from May to October last year. Fun to watch and enjoy. Best to come and see what is on offer.
  • Fri, May 7, 10:59 AM
    Clarenville, Avalon Peninsula
    I’m looking for purebred hatching eggs , email with what you have . Interested in anything from chickens to emu
  • $6
    Fri, May 14, 12:27 PM
    Pouch Cove, Avalon Peninsula
    Sold out. I am ordering a bunch of pheasants. More than I need but shipping is better for the birds in bulk. So I am selling day old Ring-neck pheasant chicks. I will be receiving them in the morning of May 26 and they must be picked up that day. These chicks need to be kept warm for the first 4-6 weeks. More than chicken chicks. But after six weeks they are very hardy and when full grown they don't need a coup like a chicken does. Wild bird feed is available at the farmers Co-op (The Country store) They will fly away if you don't have a net over your pen. If you are ready to commit to buying these birds from me give me your name and number and how many birds you want. First come first served. Pictured are the adult version. Not selling adults. Also pictured the day old chick.
  • $10
    Mon, Jun 21, 9:39 PM
    New Chelsea, Eastern
    Silver Laced Wyandotte is one of oldest and most well-known and loved breed for the backyard chicken coop. Wyandotte’s are a dual purpose bird and good layers of light to dark brown eggs. Silver Laced Wyandotte are one of the first and arguably the prettiest of the Wyandotte breed. Generally, Wyandotte’s are a calm and tolerant bird, which makes for an easily handled and a compliant breed. This stock is strictly imported from Alberta and not a barnyard mix.They are an ideal ‘beginner’ bird, lots available please text Carla 780 207 5748.