• $1,500neg
    Sat, Nov 13, 8:56 AM
    St John's, Avalon Peninsula
    Heavy guitar. Solid and straight.. stays in tune .. most unique and 1 off guitar ive ever owned over 23 years of playing.. i actually hunted this 13 years before i found one on the island... so here i am testing the waters to see if theres interest and to entertain trade offers .... Also to the man off lamarchant road that i was just told has more of these which ive looked for so long for please call me .. i believe you may have a few of my grandfathers old guitars that he sold before he passed back in 2000. he sold off 98% of hes collection of everything in the years of 1997-1999 maybe even the year 2000... that goes for anyone else who may thing they had bought a guitar from Carlson Taylor in those years please contact me ive been years trying to find some of them which are dear to my heart in memory and are possessions that would reconnect me with him in ways you wouldnt understand... thanks for reading Krae Taylor... ps, the lespaul is pops guitar that he left for me to find in the basement with others but linger story shortened i only have the lespaul. Kills me cause pop had almost 200 guitars
  • $550firm
    Fri, Oct 22, 8:39 AM
    St Johns, Avalon Peninsula
    Beautiful Guitar Recently set up by Doc Price is firm Looking a telecaster American or possibly a MIM
  • $900
    Sat, Oct 16, 4:17 PM
    Clarenville, Avalon Peninsula
    Great sounding instrument alone or plugged in.. set up recently with elixir strings and mint gater hard shell case
  • $750obo
    Thu, Oct 21, 11:32 AM
    Grand Falls-Windsor, Central/Interior
    Oscar Schmidt Acoustic Guitar w/ 4 channel pick-up Yorkville AM 150 AMP, 3 Channels Ultra Kinc Music Microphone Stand w/Cap 22 Microphone
  • Tue, Nov 9, 12:26 PM
    Portugal Cove-St. Philip's, Avalon Peninsula
    I had this guitar built to replicate a 1958 Strat. Built with high quality parts. It is in mint condition. Professionally set up and plays great. Comes with a gig bag. $350.00 (ONO) Calls only please to 749-9628
  • $150
    Sun, Oct 31, 12:08 PM
    st.john's, Avalon Peninsula
    hohner phoenix dlx active/passive. dual humbuckers... needs a wiring repair in the cavity for the active/passive switch...minor repair. neck is good,plays nice.has high mass bridge.nice sounding pick ups...great for beginner,project,fixer upper..price drop.....
  • $1
    Sat, Nov 13, 4:34 PM
    St John's, Avalon Peninsula
    Your guitar not quite right? Action too high? Not staying in tune? Difficult to play? Buzzing? Curved neck? Frets worn down? Is the bridge starting to lift? Maybe the top is starting to belly. I've been playing, repairing, and setting up guitars for about 30 years. It's my passion. I can make your guitar play easier and sound better than it did when it was new. Satisfaction guaranteed. I'll do a better job, for half the price. If you would like me to look at your guitar. send an email to davestrickland2002@yahoo.ca, or text 631-3491. Or message me here.
  • $1,800
    Fri, Nov 5, 7:42 AM
    Portugal Cove, Avalon Peninsula
    This is a sweet 2007 Les Paul Classic in ebony. Has a real Bigsby B7 with Vibramate so can easily be taken off without modification. Pickups have been swapped out for handmade custom Vineham whiskey burners…killer vineham.com **Headstock repair very solid and has never moved and never will** This is one hell of a player and sustain for days and just sexy looking with the zebra pickups…mmm Comes with generic Les Paul shaped case. May entertain sane trade offers Hit me up with any questions Cheers
  • Wed, Oct 13, 3:20 PM
    St John's, Avalon Peninsula
    High string height " Action " It's the most common problem with the guitars that come through my door. Makes the guitar difficult, if not impossible to play. High action, or high string height is caused by four things normally. 1-Too much relief in the neck. " too much concave bow." 2-The cuts or notches in the nut are not deep enough, " mostly on new guitars surprisingly " 3-The saddle needs to be reduced in height. " easy fix " 4-Or over time , the top has bellied. " risen up " These issues can all be fixed. Lowering the action is achieved by addressing a combination of these issues. It will feel and play like a different guitar with the action set properly. If you would like me to look at your guitar. And discuss what needs to be done to get it playing properly again. bring it by anytime. NO COST to look at it. Message me here, or text 631-3491 to arrange a time.
  • Tue, Nov 30, 9:23 PM
    mt. pearl, Avalon Peninsula
    Up for grabs is this Screamin little 90’s Teal-Stripe Rage 158 Practice Amp from Peavey. Peavey gear has Never gotten the respect it deserves, and this amp is no different. Let's go through some of the features: 15 Watts of Raw Power Made in Meridian, Mississippi, U.S.A. Now Remember this is a Peavey (so you know it will survive a nuclear blast). It Works Great & Needs Nothing. Even Looks almost Brand New, it’s Easily the Cleanest used amp you’ll Ever Come Across. It has Dual Channels, a Responsive 3-band EQ & Surprisingly Good Cleans! It also has a Headphone Jack so you can Practice way into the wee hours of the night with out waking the house hold! Now if you're looking for a Good Reliable, Well-Built practice amp that has Nice Clear Clean Tones, with a built in Gain Chanel & one that Can Handle Pedals Well, then this Amp could very well be what you're after. Asking just $85.00 o.n.o.
  • Mon, Nov 22, 10:29 AM
    Mount Pearl, Avalon Peninsula
    Looking to move a few items to fund another gear purchase. 1983-84 Sigma DM-2 w/ Fishman Pickup Guitar is near mint. Has a Fishman pickup professionally installed. Sounds and plays absolutely fantastic. This is a rare mode with the “Football Stamp” inside on the bracing. This was only done on the first year MIK Sigma guitars. After this they switched to paper. These are hard to come by. As close to a Martin D18 as you’ll come without spending $2500. Recently set up with new Elixir Strings. Asking $450 obo Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amp is absolutely mint condition. Has seen very little use. Recently checked over and everything is 100%. Fantastic sounding amp. Very versatile. No nicks, tears, or damage whatsoever. Footswitch and amp cover included. Asking $600 obo Epiphone Les Paul Jr. Excellent condition. Sounds and plays great. These guitars are fantastic for the price. This one has a really good sounding pickup. Very punchy and full sounding. Asking $160