• Sun, Jul 26, 10:10 AM
    Cbs, Avalon Peninsula
    WANTED TO BUY! please help if u know someone has these ask them to sell and then it’s money in hand and clutter gone !! So Wanted to buy these candles in the picture provided ! They came from Lawtons drug store and they were a set of three they are black and they are tall one then a shorter one then a shorter one again but they are apox 4 1/2 feet then 4 feet then maybe aprox 3.75 if u know anyone who has them can u asked them to contact me I really need them before The new year But will buy whenever available been searching for s long time mine got broke and there sentimental value to me ! Please share if anyone has these I will buy them off you As Soon as possible ! Thank u this ad will stay up until I have found a set so if u see it here I am still wanting and still looking please help!!!!!