• Tue, Apr 16, 7:32 PM
    cbs, Avalon Peninsula
    Wanted 9mm semi auto pistol
  • Fri, Apr 19, 9:56 PM
    paradise, Avalon Peninsula
    Hello i have a mint condition suomi m31 9mm all original with the big stick mag . also has the two piece barrel system with the quick release for really easy removal of the barrel looking to either sell or trade for a firearm of equal value that i can highly modify or that is already highly modified!! please no low ball offers . i paid a fair bit for this firearm and i will not just let it go for nothing !thanks for reading email anytime with offers!! Here is a video link of the firearm i just took! https://youtu.be/IWm35kUyLNo
  • $700.00neg
    Fri, Apr 19, 6:53 PM
    Mt.pearl, Avalon Peninsula
    Mint condition Sig incl.5 mags original hard case and lock very low round count handles and shoots as a Sig should factory night sights very hard pistol to find in Canada rpal and gun club membership would trade towards a cz shadow
  • $400.00obo
    Thu, Apr 4, 10:22 PM
    Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
    CASH or Trade for: need .40 pistol for ipsc production major, or auto-loader shotgun for 3gun that has capability for extended magazine tube or Ruger ranch / mini 14 rifle plus cash any moose rifle 308/30-06/7mm/magnum except .303 british or pm about what you have…………….This is the Egyptian copy of a Beretta M1951 Brigadier. Single action. 8+1 round magazine. Right-hand slide lock and magazine release. Cross bolt safety. Made in Egypt for military by Madi, imported by Interarms USA 400 rounds through it in the last couple of weeks with no feeding issues experienced in factory 115gr fmj or reloaded 125gr lrn There is slight chip in the grip (as soon in the picture), but hammer spring is too far in to pinch the skin; hairline crack on the other side of grip; new grips are still available. This is the gun the fictional characters Mac Boolan and Scarface used!!! Shipping approximately $20-40 depending on payment method.
  • $500.00firm
    Sun, Mar 31, 11:21 AM
    Bay D’Espoir, South Coast
    9mm Girsan hand gun. Comes with two ten clip magazines. Excellent condition. Price- $500 firm.
  • $300.00
    Thu, Apr 18, 9:07 AM
    mt pearl, Avalon Peninsula
    Norinco np 29 1911 style pistol low round count chambered in 9mm. 2 clips .
  • $100.00neg
    Sat, Mar 9, 8:41 AM
    Corner Brook, West Coast
    Looking for 45acp, 9mm and 223 brass for reloading. Let me know how much you have and how much you want for it. Thanks.
  • $100.00
    Fri, Mar 22, 8:11 AM
    Province wide, West Coast
    Looking for 1911's. Prefer 9mm but also would purchase 45ACP or 38 super. Especially looking for Colt's, combat, goverment etc or others with a 4.25" barrel. Let me know what you have and what you want for it.
  • Tue, Mar 26, 3:26 PM
    Cbs, Avalon Peninsula
    Forster Bonanza press $100 RCBS RC2 press $sold Dies Lee 45acp $40 Lee 9mm $sold Lee 38/357 $30 Bullets 38/357 158gr Lead SWC 50count $12 ea or 2 for $20 110gr JHP 100count for $20
  • Sun, Mar 24, 11:29 AM
    goulds, Avalon Peninsula
    gpk100 9mm with decocker, 7.62 sks full kit and sniper scope,22cal savage new, Baikal 12ga semi new ,Taurus 38/357 c/w western rig ,ruger 44 supermag c/w western rig ,303 lee enfield with scope ,savage 22-250 almost new ,glock mod 22 40 cal modified, text me for more info must have restricted pal 769-6429 will discuss price then
  • $1.00
    Tue, Apr 9, 9:48 PM
    Lewisporte, Central/Interior
    Assorted brass for sale. Message for amount and prices All mixed head stamps, deprimed and ss tumbled 22 250 30 06 51 pcs necked down to 25 06 from 270/30 06. $10 270 223 9mm 308 300 win mqg Actual shipping on buyer
  • $600.00firm
    Mon, Apr 8, 1:15 PM
    Mt. Pearl, Avalon Peninsula
    Selling an almost new Springfield Armouries XDM Range Kit in .45 ACP with 4 mags. Gun is as new, cycles and fires perfectly with 250 rds shot. Comes with Pelican style hard case, holster, mag holster, speed loader, lock and bore brush, plus 2 additional mags at 4 total. I will throw in a box of AE .45 as well. Mags hold 10 rds .45 each. Has a striker indicator at rear of slide and loaded chamber indicator on top. Very nice pistol, I just never shoot it. Only place I could find listed had the 9mm kit at 1099.99 but was still out of stock. Call, Email or text. Valid Range Membership and RPAL otherwise don't even contact me, previous sale fell through due to lack of membership.
  • $1.00
    Thu, Apr 18, 7:48 PM
    Mount Pearl, Avalon Peninsula
    It's reloading time!! Here's a selection of used brass for sale. Sorry some of the quantities are odd numbers but that’s what I’ve got. They are mixed head stamps, mostly regular brass and a few nickel plated brass cases as well. The first group are 5 cents each.  1. 9mm ( x Sold)     9mm nickel (x sold)  2. 38 special nickel (x sold)                 (brass x sold) 3. 38 super comp (x sold) 4. 223/5.56 (x 800) This group are 10 cents each. 5. 40 cal nickel plated ( x 390)     40 cal brass ( x 1731) 6. 357mag. (x 205) 7. 45 ACP (x 900) 8. 10mm nickel (x 13) 9. 7.62x25 brass (x 5). 10. 12 ga. Mag shot shells, 2 3/4 full brass (x 45) This group is 15 cents each 11.  22-250 (SOLD) 12. 303 (x 186) 13. 308 ( x 115) 14.  204 (x 3) 15.  270 ( x 21) 16. 30-06 (x SOLD) 17. 6.5 (nosler and lapua) (x 52) 18. 7.62x39 brass (x 37) 19. 30 carbine (x 105) 20. 7.62 x 54r (sold) 21. 7.62 x51 (x 56) 22. 243win (x 5) 23. .22 Hornet (x 30) 24. 300 blk (x 64) This group are 20 cents each 25. 44 mag (x SOLD) 26. 8mm Mauser (8x57) (x 24) 27. 7mm (x 10) 28. 300win mag (x 26) 29. 300 wsm Barnes (x42) 30. 50 Beowulf (x sold) 31. 50 cal AE (x 3) 32. 7.5 x 55 swiss (11 tt 82 2) ( x 120) 33. 45-70 Gov't (x SOLD) 34. 45 colt (Sold)