• $12.00/hr
    Tue, Jul 21, 1:57 PM
    Mount Pearl, Avalon Peninsula
    Cashier responsibilities Performs the functions of a cashier, including the accurate balancing of the cash. Stocks shelves builds and maintain attractive displays. Performs routine housekeeping. Assists customers with product selection and makes the correct recommendations. Provides exceptional customer service and records all specials orders and inquiries as per policy. Customer Service Greets every customer in a friendly, welcoming manner. Ensures the customer receives the product they have paid for, and takes a receipt to warehouse staff to be loaded in their vehicle. Answers all customer inquiries to the best of your ability. Handles all customer inquiries and complaints with respect and urgency. Passing any concerns or questions to senior staff or the manager. Helps to compile weekly lists of what needs to be ordered. Ensures products are priced, scanned, and entered into the computer before it is placed on the shelves. General Store Maintenance - Shelves are neat and tidy, products are neatly displayed. Receiving Verifies that all deliveries are for their location. Checks orders for shortages, damages and quality ensuring they are noted on the delivery. Follows all government regulations pertaining to handling of feed and chemicals. Checks all expiry dates on items to ensure a sufficient window of time to sell them. Submits invoices daily to Senior Cashier or Manager to be priced efficiently. Other Assists in the store as required. Takes inventory as per schedule. Other duties as assigned by the Manager.