Just to cute for words! Adorable baby Dwarf Lop bunnies

City/Town: Brigus Junction
Area: Avalon Peninsula
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Posted: Tue, Oct 15, 12:05 PM
Dwarf Mini Lops are the next best pet for people not able to have a dog or cat . Dwarf Mini lops are easy to litter train. These bunnies make a wonderful new family member, that loves kids, Loves other pets, loves being cuddled and acts like they are a dog or cat in the house. With a beautiful face and those droopy ears they are Adorable ! . These bunnies have no bad smell to them . Great for people living in apartments that want a pet that they do not have to walk or let outside .

Dwarf lops were developed with the intention of creating a rabbit
which was easy to handle and hardy enough to withstand cuddling from
The Dwarf lops are sociable, interesting, inquisitive, intelligent animals
which crave attention and love.
They can become part of the family and do all the things that dogs and cats do.
They will sleep on your bed, cuddle up in front of the fire, watch TV, kiss you, give you loving nose rubs and cuddles, beg for treats, come to greet you on your return home .They will play tricks and games etc... they interact with their family, and bond with other pets, and so much more.

To top it off, you don't need to take them to the park every day for a run, and they do not bark and upset the neighbors.

Ideal companions for busy, working owners, and what better way to unwind after a busy day, than to fuss over your pet rabbit. Excellent companion therapy for those with depression that need a cuddle or a snuggle to brighten your day.

Is there any wonder rabbits are fast becoming the 3rd most popular pet behind dogs and cats?

My Dwarf mini lops are friendly as they have been handled from birth.
Did you know that all Lop babies are born with their ears standing up and before they get a few months old their cartilage in their ears soften and they get Adorable droopy ears.
The pics are close up shots The babies are really tiny in person! Can be delivered in certain locations. Last 2 pics are mom and dad.
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