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    Sat, Dec 14, 2:41 PM
    stephenville crossing, West Coast
    Puppies were born Decemeber 10th. 2 Males. 5 Females. Now accepting deposits of $450. Will be ready for their loving home February 10th. Other $450 during pick up. Puppies will be vet checked, parasite treated and dewormed. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY!!!! The Mastador is a giant mixed breed being a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Mastiff. She is a talented dog who participates in activities that include search and rescue, jogging, agility, and guarding. She has a life span of 8 to 14 years and is an outgoing, friendly dog with a very protective nature. The Mastador is a great family dog but you will need to have room for her. She/He will soon become an important part of the family and she will be dedicated to you, protective of you and will love you as much you will love her. The Mastador is a designer dog. Mastador is an example of a giant designer dog. The Mastador is an affectionate and gentle dog despite her size. She can have a stubborn side and as a puppy she tends to be a bit more excitable and then calms down as she grows into adulthood. She is a great family dog and will very quickly become an important member. She can be left alone for shorter periods but if left for too long can become destructive.The Mastador is a giant dog weighing 100 to 200 pounds and she stands between 28 to 36 inches tall. She is larger than a Lab but smaller than most Mastiffs, but she is strong looking still with a deep chest, strong legs, long tail, medium muzzle and brown expressive eyes. Her ears can be upright or hanging down and her feet are large with some webbing. Her coat is silky, shiny, short and smooth and common colors are brown, white, black, yellow, gray, golden, brown and silver with a mohawk like marking on it back. Dad is a pure bred Labrador. Mom is Mastador. *Please join our Facebook group Mastador Puppies for updates.
  • Sat, Dec 7, 3:30 PM
    Paradise, Eastern
    Many outfits, accessories, pets, and furniture all in pristine condition! Varying prices for all. Email or message for more information and photos of each item. Buy individually or all for 600$ neg. Dolls not for purchase. Item's for Purchase: Kit’s floral print dress - $20 Coconut Cutie outfit - $25 Kit’s summer dress - $25 Silver Shimmer dress - $30 Coconut PJ’s - $20 Weekend fun outfit - $25 Snowflake pyjamas - $20 Knit poncho and headband - $5 Reindeer PJ’s - $20 Kits Holiday outfit - $25 Rebecca’s school outfit - $25 Molly’s ice skates and muffs - $15 Sweetheart pj’s -$20 Snow flurry outfit - $25 Hit the slopes outfit - $25 Ski set - $30 Kanani’s Beach outfit - $15 Curly Ponytail - $10 Chic Bun - $10 Pretty and Plaid dress - $20 Ginger the cat - $15 Dalmatian Puppy - $20 Chocolate lab puppy - $20 Kit’s dog grace - $15 Blossoms pet collar and leash - $5 Dreamy Daisy Pet Bed - $29 Kits Daybed - $30 Cecile's parlour desk - $75