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      Mount Pearl, Avalon Peninsula
  • $120.00neg
    Fri, Aug 23, 7:53 PM
    St. John's, Avalon Peninsula
    Fair amount of indoor grow equipment Let me know what you want and we’ll work our price. 400W HPS with cool tube and Electronic ballast (hortilux bulb) 600W Meizhi LED grow light reflector series 800W LED grow Light Grow Tent (39”x39”x79”high) 6” Inline Exhaust fan with speed controller 6” Charcoal Filter Full array of nutrients (Botanicare Mostly) Ratcheting Hangers & Other random accessories
  • $850.00
    Wed, Aug 21, 2:18 PM
    St.John's, Avalon Peninsula
    I would like to sell everything in one shot as I need money asap and it has to go. I don't want to be stuck with a bucket or a pump... Theres a 4x4 black box grow tent that wasen't grown in it was only used as a dry and cure tent. the 4x4 flood table will only fit in it if modified. So its hard to list it all but heres an attempt. See the photos and ask questions is best bet everything is in excellent shape as I kept it clean while using and before storing 4x4 black box grow tent (200 new) 400 watt convertible dimmable electronic ballast (150 new) 3 bulbs 2 hps(30 each new) 1 mh (40 new) 400 watt led "ufo" lamp (100 new) warm mist humidifier (30 new) Bluelab ph pen + bottle of storage solution (120 new) Bluelab tds meter truncheon (150 new) 2 bottles of ph buffer solution (+ and -) Empty bottle for co2 enhancer (30 new) 4x4 flood table (with adjustable legs) all fittings tubes and large reservoir (~150 new) Pump for water (40 new) Pump for air (30 new) large round air stone (15 new) Timer (20 new) Humidity temperature monitor (30new) Green LED headlamp (20 new) Hps sunglasses (30 new) Offers are accepted. I tried to be fair about the new prices as they don't include tax and I rounded down often . buying all the fittings tubes and pumps was not cheap. Thanks for reading
  • $380.00obo
    Wed, Jul 31, 10:06 PM
    Conception Bay South, Avalon Peninsula
    36×20×63 grow tent with 300watt led light and 6" exhaust fan with charcoal filter. Fits nicely in a regular closet.
  • $350.00
    Sat, Jul 6, 11:13 AM
    Cornerbrook,nl, West Coast
    Fusion grow tent (4x2) perfect for 2 plants comes with everything you need to start growing ( marshydro led grow light with veg and flowering setting, fan with fan control, automatic timer for lights and fan, and carbon filter with all piping needed for 400.00 non negotiating