• Tue, Nov 9, 9:02 AM
    Conception Bay South, Avalon Peninsula
    KYLLIE IS STILL MISSING. Please please keep sharing this post,I’m begging and pleading,our baby is still missing,she is not an outdoor cat she doesn’t have the street smarts of an outdoor cat,I’m beyond heartbroken,I’m completely devastated,I’m shattered,I want our baby home. Kyllie has been missing since October 25th,we’ve had one possible sighting,there has been none since. Please residents of CBS AREA,porters road and surrounding roads of porters road. Please check under your decks,your gardens,wooden areas behind your homes,please check. We’ve been back an fourth to cbs every second night,we’ve called her name,we’ve shaken treats,we haven’t saw her or seen her. We have her little box outside,her bed,food and water,her favourite cat toy and two live traps set,we haven’t saw anything or heard anything. We have a reward offered for her to be found,if not found for her safe return. No questions asked. We can say she is not in her fosters home hiding, we’ve searched her couches,behind her fridge,in her draws,her cupboards,her sons bed,her closets,behind her washer and dryer,she isn’t there. Please please help us Kyllie has Calico colours she’s Black,Orange Brown,White. She has Medium long haired cat,with Greenish/Yellowish eyes and Long Whiskers. Please help us get her home. My number is (709) 769-7010 for Tayler Spurrell,My fiancé number is 709-771-5010 for Kolten Loewen Thank you Sincerely Tayler Spurrell and Kolten Loewen