• Wed, Oct 21, 10:34 PM
    Goose Bay, Avalon Peninsula
    In light of the events of the world today, the online space is getting busier by the minute. People are shopping, paying bills, communicating with loved ones by phone or compute via the internet and many are working from the comfort of their kitchen tables. The future is so unpredictable right now. Will they go back to the factories and offices when this is over? Not sure how many of you have a Plan B, but now is the time to think about getting one.... The online space is the place to be... And just think....and it isn’t as difficult as one would think, no skill or knowledge required, and the best of all..no traffic to deal with, no alarm clock, no timeclock, no masks or hand sanitizer required... Sign up for our FREE no obligation webinar that happens every Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm EST for more info www.lori-living.com