• $709.00
    Sun, Apr 28, 9:38 PM
    GFW, Central/Interior
    It's official I'm slimming down! Everything pictured is up for sale. 1988 Gibson SG special in Ferrari red Mahogany body and neck, Ebony fretboard Bone stock Absolute mint shape Made in Nashville usa $1300 Vox v12bn 4x12 heritage series cab Classic 30 style Vox speakers Can be used either as stereo or mono cab (separate inputs) Vox leather cover included $500 70's Acoustic model 470 head 170 solid state watts, 2 Channels Built-in Distortion, Tremolo, and Reverb. Reverb is currently not working. (Think there might be a loose connection to the tank, I've been running reverb pedals so I never really had a need for it) Sounds incredible on guitar but as a bass head it's equally as nice! Some really really great tones and mojo out of this one $380 Danelectro pepperoni phaser Essentially a phase 90 clone Sounds good! $20 Danelectro french toast octave distortion Vintage Foxx tone machine clone Actually sounds wicked! $30 JHS superbolt v1 Thick and creamy 60's Supro tube amp tones in a box Excellent low to medium gain drive Stacks very well 18v internal conversion $175 Bennett custom audio WRWO fuzz Harmonically rich silicon based fuzz Classic tone we all know and love Cleans up great Made right here in NL! Custom orange sparkle enclosure to boot! $140 Dr scientist Bitquest Full-featured multi effect in an incredibly tidy package. Eight onboard effects, each with Clean and Dirty modes.Modes are: Flanger, Fixed Filter, Bitcrusher, Reverb, Notch Filter, Ring Modulator, Pitch Shifter and Delay. It's so so much in one little box I could go on forever, watch a few YouTube videos. It's absolutely incredible $300 1990's Boss fw3 wah One knob for curve of wah Super study enclosure Rocker pedal is a little worn in but still works perfectly Great wah sound that's a little different than. Your usual crybaby $120 Might consider some trades, looking to clear a few things out. Pm for more pictures or info Thanks for looking!