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    Sat, Jan 7, 6:30 PM
    Deep Bight, Eastern
    Not needed anymore taking up space. Text 4252853
  • Sun, Dec 11, 8:58 AM
    St John's, Avalon Peninsula
    High string height " Action " It's the most common problem with the guitars that come through my door. Makes the guitar difficult, if not impossible to play. High action, or high string height is caused by four things normally. 1-Too much relief in the neck. " too much concave bow." 2-The cuts or notches in the nut are not deep enough, " mostly on new guitars surprisingly " 3-The saddle needs to be reduced in height. " easy fix " 4-Or over time , the top has bellied. " risen up " These issues can all be fixed. Lowering the action is achieved by addressing a combination of these issues. It will feel and play like a different guitar with the action set properly. If you would like me to look at your guitar. And discuss what needs to be done to get it playing properly again. bring it by anytime. NO COST to look at it. Message me here, or text 631-3491 to arrange a time.
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    Sun, Jan 1, 4:28 PM
    St.John's, Avalon Peninsula
    The best Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive clone that's out there - the StewMac Ghost Drive Pedal. These pedals are only available as kits, but you can get one now that has been built and tested by an experienced Technician. This pedal is modeled after the legendary, and outrageously expensive, Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive. This is what StewMac says about their pedal kit: "More than a "klone"—it's the closest we've ever seen to the real thing! Few pedals reach mythical status like the Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive. We scoured the world for the EXACT right components to recreate this "holy grail" circuit. We dug deep to find the identical pair of 1N34A germanium diodes just like the original. Many claim these diodes were the heart of the original Klon and why so many of the imitators fall short. Considered the finest transparent overdrive ever, the original Klon is shrouded in mystery, epoxy, and hype—but amazingly, it delivers. It's a guitar player's dream come true: saturated tube tone from your amp at a reasonable volume. It doesn't change the character of your amp, you get just the right amount of overdrive without losing your unique tone. It's relied on by countless players like Joe Perry, Mike McCready, Joe Bonamassa, John Mayer, Nels Cline and more. This pedal is extremely easy to use: just gain, treble, and output. The gain is where the magic is by adding sweet saturation and harmonics while retaining the character of your amp. The treble acts as a boost or cut, allowing you to dial in the perfect mid-range for your tone." Check out reviews here: https://www.stewmac.com/kits-and-projects/electronic-kits/pedals-and-mod-kits/stewmac-ghost-drive-pedal-kit#productReviews Included with each pedal is a new D'Addario 9-Volt DC 500mA Adaptor and an Outlaw Effects 5-Way Daisy Chain Extension Cable, so you can run your new Ghost Drive, and 4 other pedals, battery free. Price is $250.