• $850.00
    Fri, May 29, 7:17 PM
    Middle Arm, Central/Interior
    Sonor Arena 5 piece. 24" kick,13" rack tom,14" Sonor steel snare,16" floor tom, 18" Yamaha Custom floor tom (finish matches the kit nicely) . 14" Sabian hand hammered fusion hat's..16" Sabian hand hammered dark crash..20" Zildjian A custom ping Ride.. 10" Zildjian A custom splash..15" Sabian SR2 China..17" Sabian SR2 thin crash..12" Sabian SR2 splash. Cymbals could use a polish but are all in excellent cracks or keyholing. DW 5000 series double pedal PDP hi hat stand Gibraltar and Yamaha cymbal boom stands Rhythmtech mountable & handheld tambourines. Meinl hi hat tambourine Protection racket Stick bag Protection racket padded snare bag Kickport resonate bass head re-enforcment ring Sabian cymbal bag Selling everything together..kit is in great shape and is a beautiful black laquer finish. Remo pinstripe heads on all toms..played but no dents or cracks..lots of life in them yet. $850.00 for everything listed!