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      Mount Pearl, Avalon Peninsula
  • $360.00firm
    Tue, Dec 10, 12:43 PM
    South River, Avalon Peninsula
    This is the ultimate gaming system if you are an N64 fan or SNES, NES or Sega, Genesis etc. Look at the pictures this has 55 game systems and over 14,000 games. Think of an old game you love or an arcade classic and it’s all here. You can use any USB controller you like Configuration is super easy. It’s powered by an Odroid XU4 and this is a beast and doesn’t lag with N64 (hard to emulate for raspberry pi) you can save at any point in any game and come right back even after system shut down. Very easy to use and is a great system considering buying a 30 game super Nintendo re release costs over a hundred bucks! This has every SNES or NES or N64 or Sega genesis or master system game etc... Text is easiest if you’re interested I have TWO of them I sold the other four they are going fast!
  • $1.00
    Sun, Nov 17, 7:58 PM
    Conception bay south, Avalon Peninsula
    All games cleaned and tested. All are game only unless specified. Let me know if you need any more pics or info. Thanks for looking and have a great day! All $15 games are 2 for $25 All $10 games are 3 for $25 Other bundles can be discussed! NES Adventures of Bayou Billy - $5 Back to the Future 2 & 3 - $10 Double Dribble - $10 Life Force - $15 Ninja Gaiden - $15 P.O.W. - $10 Tetris - $10 Super NESnake 2 (comes with Retro USB sleeve) - $20 SNES F-Zero (SOLD) Mario Paint (includes 2 copies of the game, mouse pad, mouse, and manuals) - $40 Pilot Wings - $15 Star Fox (SOLD) Street Fighter II - $15 Stunt Race FX - $15 Gradius III - $15 Zombies ate my neighbors (game and manual) - $45 Super Metroid (box and game) - $90 Terranigma (English reproduction) - $20 Genesis Contra Hard Corps (cart and manual, box is a reproduction) - $90