Prodock Floating Docks - (Residential & Commercial)

City/Town: Paradise
Area: Avalon Peninsula
Posted: Wed, May 12, 3:44 PM
Our flotation pontoons are made using extremely durable high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. We utilizing industrial welding equipment and techniques to fuse the HDPE plastic into a nearly indestructible flotation systems with a LIFETIME WARRANTY from the manufacturer.

Our flotation systems and finished turn key dock systems are ideal for residential and recreational applications as well as commercial applications in both fresh and salt water.

These docks are ideal for salt water use as the HDPE pontoons do not support sea life growth so you will never have to worry about marine vegetation and sea shells. Because no wood sits in the water our docks and flotation systems are nearly maintainance free!

Some benefits of our products in comparison to traditionally built docks are:

- Can be frozen in ice without ever worrying about damage
- Can also be left in the water all year long!
- Extremely durable
- 100% Eco-friendly ( No wood actually rests in the water)
- This dock can double as a deck boat by attaching a small outboard or trolling motor.
- Comes with LIFETIME warranty from manufacturer on the pontoons.
- Is always sturdy and same height of the water
- HDPE pontoons do not support sea-life growth so your dock will not foul up in an Ocean
environment making it maintainance free.

We also provide a selection of other products including:
-Floating boathouses
-Floating picnic tables
-Custom projects

We provide pontoons kits to fix or repair your existing dock.....

For more information on what we offer check out our website here:

Please feel free contact us for more details at 17095897494 or
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