• $709obo
    Tue, Nov 23, 10:49 PM
    St. John’s, Avalon Peninsula
    I’m going to regret this… Selling my beautiful Sabian Artisan Cymbals! (Prices in Canadian Dollars) 15” Artisan Hi-Hats - $695 These were a custom order. I wanted these slightly lighter than the normal Artisan Hats, but not as light as the Artisan Light Hats. I specified 1100g for the top cymbal. The folks at Sabian made one for me at 1084g, and then paired it with a well-matched bottom cymbal. These things are smooth, buttery, warm, full, and articulate. Great for everything from combo jazz to arena rock and everything in between. 18” Vault Artisan Crash - $375 Slightly older, from when the Artisan cymbals fell under the Vault series, but in immaculate condition. Clear attack, lush, full body and long decay. 19” Artisan Crash - $400 A great mate for the 18”. Same characteristics with a slightly lower pitch, and is big enough to use as a light jazz ride. Sounds great with a sizzler. 22” Artisan Medium Ride - $600 Purchased new in 2021, 2978g. Buttery stick attack, clear enough to articulate through a dense mix, but with a lot of warm undertones and shimmer, and a rich, complex bell.