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    Powerful 50XX ultra dark lotion with instant bronzing beads. Rich, moisture replenishing blend for temptingly touchable skin all day, every day. Super Black Bronzers Over a Dozen Botanical Extracts Silicone Emulsion Tight & Firm Recipe Paraben Free Instant Micro Bronzing Beads Sexy Sugar Cookie fragrance You want to be black, but just how black will satisfy your desires? If you won't settle for anything less than bodaciously dark, then no other formula but Pro Tan Bodaciously Black Remarkably Powerful 50XX Ultra Dark Lotion with Instant Bronzing Beads will do. The formula instantly darkens your skin from head to toe with its bronzing beads, which provide cosmetic color while you wait to see the long-lasting results from the rest of the ingredients. The blend of natural bronzers increases your skin's ability to darken up to 50 times, so you'll be bodaciously, beautifully black. Pro Tan Bodaciously Black Remarkably Powerful 50XX Ultra Dark Lotion with Instant Bronzing Beads is an easy-to-apply formula that is rapidly absorbed. The lotion combines its bronzing benefits with skin care ingredients to improve the way your skin looks and feels while heightening its color. Every time you use the bronzer, your skin will be softer, smoother and more radiant, so you'll be excited to show off your bodacious bod. Fragrance: Sexy Sugar Cookie
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    Exclusive Oxygen Regenerating System? helps enhance and multiply the darkening ability of the skin. Combines dark tan maximizers with unltra dark self-acting bronzers to aid in the darkest tan possible. For advanced tanners who want to darken their existing tan. This product does not contain sunscreen and will not protect against sunburn. The Supre SMOKE Black Bronzer readies your skin for the tanning bed and works throughout your session to enhance pigmentation for dark, sexy results. The secret to the intense tanning power of the bronzer is its Oxygen Regenerating System, which blasts the pigment-producing cells with oxygen by stimulating circulation. Enhanced blood flow to the skin allows the formula's unique blend of bronzers to work with your skin's natural darkening mechanism to create a dark black tan that lasts. The bronzing complex includes both maximizers that enhance the tone of your tan and self-adjusting bronzers that perfect the color to make it as even as possible. In addition to producing dramatic tanning results, the Supre SMOKE Black Bronzer also radically improves the health of your skin with each application. The formula includes a blend of nine natural essential oils that work together to nourish and hydrate the skin. With every tanning session, your skin feels smoother and softer, and the antioxidants found in the essential oils help the skin retain its youthful appearance. Fragrance: Pinnaple, Passion Fruit and Mango
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    NEW YEAR NEW LASHES! Professionally trained and certified lash technician offering eyelash extensions out of home-based lash room located in Airport Heights Please see photos for pricing. • CLASSICS • Also known as 1:1 lashes, this is a natural look where 1 lash extension is applied to each natural, mature eyelash. Perfect for those who want to achieve a natural look gaining length and colour • LIGHT VOLUME • A fluffier, fuller look where 3 lash extensions are applied to each individual natural lash. Perfect for those looking for a fuller look than classic lashes but not too dramatic • VOLUME • Full, dense, glamorous lashes with 5+ lash extensions applied to each natural lash. Perfect for those looking for a beautifully full and glam look Refills should be done every 2-3 weeks, anything beyond the 3 weeks period may be subject to a full new set at technicians discretion and based on overall lash retention. Please PM or email to book now! Please also PM or email me for any questions or queries ?? : ls.lashes.stjohns@gmail.com Let’s get you lash-tastic ??