• $60.00
    Thu, Nov 21, 1:29 PM
    Green's Harbour, Avalon Peninsula
    Large fish, snake, or turtle tank and stand
  • $35.00obo
    Thu, Nov 21, 1:25 PM
    Torbay, Avalon Peninsula
    For sale.,New never used,265L fish tank power filter. Call 765 1140.
  • Thu, Nov 21, 12:31 PM
    St. Johns, Avalon Peninsula
    We are looking for a puppy to add to Our family. We would love to find one. We live in witless bay and he/she will have lots of room to play out and inside. Please email me if you have or know anyone who is looking to rehome a puppy. Thank you!
  • $300.00obo
    Wed, Nov 20, 5:45 PM
    victoria, Avalon Peninsula
    Selling dogs kennel suitable for two dogs cost over $600 to build
  • $45.00obo
    Wed, Nov 20, 3:50 PM
    Conception Bay South, Avalon Peninsula
    Medium muttluks, never used. $45.00 O.N.O
  • $20.00
    Wed, Nov 20, 2:44 PM
    c.b.s, Avalon Peninsula
    Kennel measures 15” wide, 24” long, 17” high
  • $6.00
    Wed, Nov 20, 11:57 AM
    st. johns, Avalon Peninsula
    Selling through the collar pet bandanas!! I have some christmas material for this upcoming holiday season. Extra small (perfect size for a cat) 5$ Small 6$ Medium 8$ Large and XL 10$ Let me know what size and material you'd like!!
  • Wed, Nov 20, 1:39 AM
    torbay, Avalon Peninsula
    Looking to add a puppy/dog to our family after loosing our beloved baby who we gave a perfect and healthy and loveable 10 years of life. Preferably younger. Must be okay with children. Looking to fill the hole in our family after loosing our dog. Not looking to spend a lot of money, hoping to find a dog in need of a new home. EMAIL ONLY PLEASE!
  • $50.00
    Tue, Nov 19, 10:49 PM
    Whitbourne, Avalon Peninsula
    Top Finn tank, pump, heater, thermometer, plant and rocks , it's a 10 gallon tank. $50 firm
  • Tue, Nov 19, 10:11 PM
    grand bank, Avalon Peninsula
    Looking for reputable breeder of pug puppies.
  • $50.00obo
    Tue, Nov 19, 9:12 PM
    Manuels, Avalon Peninsula
    20 gallon aquarium with aqua clear 20 filter, heater, rocks and light. Just cleaned and ready to go.
  • Tue, Nov 19, 8:01 PM
    Torbay, Avalon Peninsula
    Looking for a female Papillon. I would prefer a female.
  • Tue, Nov 19, 10:26 AM
    cbs, Avalon Peninsula
    Free to a good home 2 male Guinea pigs very friendly with cage and accessories.. great Christmas gift
  • Tue, Nov 19, 9:44 AM
    spaniard's bay, Avalon Peninsula
    Looking for some apistos if u have them or know someone who does please reply. Thanks ??
  • $0.00
    Tue, Nov 19, 8:54 AM
    Mt. Pearl, Avalon Peninsula
    Litter A: We have two white 19 week old gerbils left (one male and one female) Litter B: one 15 week old female gerbil ready for home (white) Litter C: five 8 week old gerbils ready for homes These are the most sociable of the rodent family and sleep at night! My daughter thought it would be fun to have a litter of gerbil pups, but it's time to stop this process now and find homes for the little cuties.
  • $50.00
    Mon, Nov 18, 9:07 PM
    North River, Avalon Peninsula
    Hi my name is Tequila I am 9 years old and my mom wants me to have a better home since she has no time anymore I am litter trainer I am fixed and have all my shots I don’t like dogs and I’m okay with kids I like attention and treats I have a small fee for everything I come with I come with my littler box full box of litter full big bag of food bowls litter genie and crate
  • $1,250.00
    Mon, Nov 18, 7:37 PM
    Torbay, Avalon Peninsula
    5 adorable brindle puppies for sale. Two females and three males. They will be vet checked, vaccinated, and de wormed. Mom and dad are on site and live with us. Puppies are raised under foot in our home. Carin terriers are hypo allergenic and non shedding. Known for being highly intelligent, loyal, and good with children! If you’re looking for the friendship of a Carin terrier and you have a loving home, please call me at 699 3209. Emails/texts will not be answered. The puppies will be ready mid week in December. A $250 deposit will be required to hold a puppy of your choice. Pictures are of mom and dad and their last litter.
  • $200.00
    Mon, Nov 18, 2:06 PM
    Brigus Junction, Avalon Peninsula
    What if there was a pet that stayed tiny, cute, and adorable forever? You’d probably want one, wouldn’t you? Well, you’re in luck—and you won’t even need to resort to bizarre science experiments. Meet the Netherland dwarf rabbit! Cute and small almost always go hand in hand. That’s pretty much why we love Dwarf bunnies so much! They are like Peter Pan never growing up! Always baby looking even as a adult. The Netherland Dwarf rabbit is the smallest breed of rabbit in the world. Their cute, babyish appearance makes them very popular pets. They make excellent companions and are very sweet and loving. Very very tiny and will weigh 1-2 lbs full grown. What a wonderful gift for that special person or yourself! . Mom and dad are REG and tattooed Dwarf Neitherland bunnies. Ready to go now ! Our Bunnies are supper Friendly and just love giving kisses! Their cute, babyish appearance makes them very popular pets. They make excellent companions and are very sweet and easy to litter train making them the perfect tiny pet. Can be trained to do tricks and come to their name when called. They take up no room and are very easy to care for. Just the tiniest cutest bunnies in the world.They just love binking in Joy to see you! (look up bunny binking) just too cute! Today they’re the third most popular pet in the country! Their small size is due to a naturally occurring genetic mutation. Dwarf rabbits are known for being docile and sweet and funny. Dwarf bunnies are super playful with their clown like nature. Loves playing with Toys and clowning around. Any thing to get your Attention and keep you laughing! And best of all, you get to wake up to this face every day! Aren’t these little dwarf rabbits cute or what? Now, who’s ready to hop into the car and drive here for your very own little cutie to love! Look up DIY Bunny condos for great ideas on bunny enclosures ! We also have care sheets and a life time commitment to help with your new fur baby. Can deliver to certain areas.
  • $75.00obo
    Mon, Nov 18, 2:02 PM
    Paradise, Avalon Peninsula
    Aquarium with mesh top for a gecko. Comes with food and water dishes, calcium supplement, moss, log, cave, climbing mesh, green carpet, heating pad and thermometer. Would the person who contacted me today please do so again? I am getting a failure to send when I reply. Thanks!
  • $100.00
    Mon, Nov 18, 1:58 PM
    Brigus Junction, Avalon Peninsula
    Dwarf Mini Lops are the next best pet for people not able to have a dog or cat . Dwarf Mini lops are easy to litter train. These bunnies make a wonderful new family member, that loves kids, Loves other pets, loves being cuddled and acts like they are a dog or cat in the house. With a beautiful face and those droopy ears they are Adorable ! . These bunnies have no bad smell to them . Great for people living in apartments that want a pet that they do not have to walk or let outside . Dwarf lops were developed with the intention of creating a rabbit which was easy to handle and hardy enough to withstand cuddling from children. The Dwarf lops are sociable, interesting, inquisitive, intelligent animals which crave attention and love. They can become part of the family and do all the things that dogs and cats do. They will sleep on your bed, cuddle up in front of the fire, watch TV, kiss you, give you loving nose rubs and cuddles, beg for treats, come to greet you on your return home .They will play tricks and games etc... they interact with their family, and bond with other pets, and so much more. To top it off, you don't need to take them to the park every day for a run, and they do not bark and upset the neighbors. Ideal companions for busy, working owners, and what better way to unwind after a busy day, than to fuss over your pet rabbit. Excellent companion therapy for those with depression that need a cuddle or a snuggle to brighten your day. Is there any wonder rabbits are fast becoming the 3rd most popular pet behind dogs and cats? My Dwarf mini lops are friendly as they have been handled from birth. Did you know that all Lop babies are born with their ears standing up and before they get a few months old their cartilage in their ears soften and they get Adorable droopy ears. The pics are close up shots The babies are really tiny in person! Can be delivered in certain locations. Last 2 pics are mom and dad. solid colors are $200.00.