WATERFRONT Lots for Sale!

Always wanted a waterfront property? Now you can get it! With great pond waterfront on all 7 Lots, your only problem will be deciding which piece of land to fall in love with! Only 40 minutes from town and 2 minutes from the highway, between 0.5 and 1 acres lots, from 116 to 353 feet of beautiful pond frontage and starting at just $59,000, this is what you've been waiting for! Call 709-728-8800 today to find out more. Remember, these lots will go quickly, don't miss out!

Hodgewater Pond is the perfect location. Close enough for a quick weekend roadtrip (only 40 minutes out of town), but far enough away that you can shake off your responsibilities and take a proper vacation. Vacation - that's something we can all use more of, and with a place on Hodgewater Pond, you can make every weekend a vacation! And if you forget something in your haste to "get out of Dodge", no worries...you can just drive 10 minutes to Whitbourne for gas/groceries/drinks/etc.

Why is Hodgewater Pond the ideal place to have a cabin?
  • Close! Only 40 minutes west of St. John's
  • And Far! It's 40 minutes outside of St. John's
  • Easy Access! Only 2 minutes from the TCH
  • Pond Frontage! Choose from 116 to 353 feet of waterfront
  • Privacy! A private cul-de-sac on a peninsula jutting into Hodgewater Pond
  • Fishing! Trouting at it's best...conveniently by your back door or down Ocean Pond Rd for more ponds
  • Call us today to discuss the ideal land for you at 709-728-8800 or 709-682-3014

No two dreams are exactly the same. Neither are the land parcels we are offering. We have 7 lots of various sizes and pond frontage so you can pick the land that fits YOUR PLANS, YOUR HOPES, YOUR DREAMS. Here's a little info on each, so have a look and then call us at 728-8800 to get all the details!
  • Lot A: 0.506 Acre, 116' Pond Frontage, $59,000
  • Lot B: 0.697 Acre, 160' Pond Frontage, $79,000
  • Lot C: 0.697 Acre, 126' Pond Frontage, $79,000
  • Lot D: 0.697 Acre, 143' Pond Frontage, $99,000
  • Lot E: 0.669 Acre, 306' Pond Frontage, $69,000
  • Lot F: 0.896 Acre, 353' Pond Frontage, $119,000
  • Lot G: 0.690 Acre, 252' Pond Frontage, $109,000
Pond Frontage! Here's what's great about pond frontage:
  • The View! Nothing beats sitting in your cabin or on your deck looking out over the water
  • Swimming! Skip the swimming pool when you can jump in the pond at your leisure
  • Boating! Whether you've got a powerboat, jet-ski, canoe or kayak you'll have the perfect water access
  • Privacy! When a big part of your property is sided by the pond, privacy is guaranteed
  • All of this adds up to make it the ideal place to relax and unwind!
We've talked a lot about using this land for a cabin. It's everything you could want in a parcel of land. But lots of people would build a house and stay here year round, in fact lots of people in the Ocean Pond and Hodgewater Pond area already do that! Your dream is entirely up to you, we just want to help you find the perfect piece of land to make it come true. CALL 709-728-8800 TODAY!