AMF GROUP- Motorsports/Small Engines/Powdercoating/Restoration services!

We can make your Motorcycle/ATV/Snowmobile run like new, preform regular maintance and provide parts and service. We can also build your "DREAM MACHINE" with our extensive modification process available at our facility. The sky is the limit! We also make those small engine machines run like never before. Give us a call or drop us an email to discuss your needs.
  • Motorcycle Maintenance, Repair and Modifications
  • ATV/UTV Maintenance, Repair and Modifications
  • Snowmobile Maintenance, Repair and Modifications
  • Chainsaw, Lawnmower, generator and snowblower Maintenance and Repair
  • Amsoil Authorized Retailer
  • Parts, Accessories, Tires and Clothing sales and service
  • Suspension Rebuilding and Professional Setup services
  • Bicycle Repair and Custom Builds
  • Golf Cart Maintenance, Repairs, Modifications, Sales and Service
  • Auxilary Lighting sales and installation (Automotive, Motorsports, RV, Household)
Our state of the art Power Coating System can powder coat any item you may need done, from motorsports parts and auto parts to crafts, signs and more. The uses for powder coating are endless. We also have speciality coatings such as ceramic coatings and high heat applications, gun coatings to protect your firearms from harsh environments and more. Give us a call or drop us an email to discuss your needs.
  • Powder Coating of parts and items (700+ colors available)
  • Ceramic High Heat Coatings (16 colors available)
  • Gun/Firearm coating for environmental protection
  • Painting services (no full automobiles)
  • Airbrush Services
  • Hydrographics (coming soon!)
  • Spray Chrome (coming soon!)
  • 3d Printing services
  • Pinstriping (vinyl and Paint applicaitions)
Have an old item you want to be restored to like new condition? Give us a call to discuss more information on our restoration processes and wether we can get it done for you! We can make it look and work like new! NOTE: We do not do full automotive restorations.
  • Item Restoration (mechanical, automotive and other items
  • CNC Plasma work (create custom parts, signs etc)
  • Fabrication Services (off road trailers, racks etc)