• $400.00firm
    Sat, Nov 28, 7:37 PM
    Bay Roberts, Avalon Peninsula
    For sale is a practically new Taig Micro Mini Lathe for wood or metal. This is a top rated tool only sold by speciality stores such as Lee Valley. I am selling this tool for an older gentleman who had barely used it. It also comes with a set of turning tools and a couple of other accessories(see pics). If you were to buy this new it would cost well over $900. The turning tools alone cost $159 and the motor $169 at Lee Valley. Please look at the pictures for more details. Thanks for your time. Below is the description that was on the Lee Valley website. Taig Miniature Lathe for Wood or Metal DESCRIPTION The Taig lathe was originally designed for precision machining of watch and clock parts. With the range of metal turning and our custom-made woodturning accessories, this accurate and versatile lathe is suited for turning wood, steel, aluminum, brass, tagua, and composites. You can do freehand turning of wood and brass pieces in woodturning mode or produce steel components to an accuracy of 0.0005" in metal turning mode. Pieces as large as 3 1/2" × 9 3/4" can be turned between centers; 4 1/2" diameter for face-plate turning. You can make your own accessories or even repair other shop tools and household items by making the required parts yourself. One of the best features is its compactness. With a motor mounted, it will fit in a case 8" × 8" × 24", making it easy to store or transport. The basic Taig lathe features a 15" ground and stabilized steel bed on aluminum base (the 45° ways are accurate to 0.001" in width), headstock with hollow ball-bearing spindle (3/4"-16 tpi), two 6-step pulleys (1/2" arbor) 525 to 5200 rpm, V-belt, motor mounting bracket, adjustable tailstock for offset turning, lever feed tail-center, and centers 2 1/4" above bed (4 1/2" swing). The T-slots in headstock, tailstock and cross slide accept #10 square nuts for auxiliary mountings.