• Fri, Sep 18, 9:04 AM
    CBS, Avalon Peninsula
    Pinball machine wanted. Any condition working or not.
  • $0.00neg
    Sat, Sep 5, 1:36 PM
    Bellevue, Avalon Peninsula
    I am a Barbie collector looking to expand my collection. If you have any Barbie’s or Barbie furniture please contact with pictures and a price. I prefer Barbie’s in a mint box and if you have any furniture I would prefer it with a box as well but if it’s part of the Sweet Roses collection and is in good condition I may buy it. I am not looking for Holiday/Christmas Barbie’s so please don’t contact with those. Thanks!
  • $0.00
    Thu, Aug 6, 9:19 AM
    killbride, Avalon Peninsula
    I’m searching for a 2 headed monster high doll like pictured . Will pay fair price and must be in good condition
  • Sun, Aug 30, 2:10 PM
    St. John’s, Avalon Peninsula
    Looking to buy Ljn WWF Wrestlers. Prefer ones in really good condition.
  • Wed, Sep 16, 10:28 PM
    cbs, Avalon Peninsula
    Wanted to buy battery powered Truck or side by side in good condition.
  • Mon, Sep 21, 1:09 PM
    lewisporte, Central/Interior
    Selling different style of nerf guns and accessories Son has outgrown. Make offer on what you want. Email or text 709 541 1618
  • Fri, Sep 11, 2:12 PM
    paradise, Avalon Peninsula
    Monster High Graveyard Garden Party and Monstermobile lego sets. Sets already assembled, but book included if want to rebuild. Sets in excellent condition and come from smoke free home. Also available 8 puzzle pack. Each lego set $15.00 or $25.00 for 2 sets. Puzzle pack $ 15.00. Please call after 5:00pm or email if interested.
  • Wed, Aug 19, 11:58 AM
    Manuels, Avalon Peninsula
    Adventure Force Enforcer-$25 Mega Rotofury-$40 Mega Magnus-$10 Doomlands Vagabond-$15 Alpha Trooper CS6-$25 Retaliator-$13 Strongarm-$9 Slingstrike-$34 Jolt- $3 N-Strike Barricade RV10- $30 Nite Strike-$5 Modulus-$32 Air Warriors Predator-$15 Boom.co whipblast-$32 Boom.co Twisted Shooter-$11 Box of assorted darts- $5 Reason for selling: All guns are in perfect condition I have just outgrown them and they are no longer used. Please contact me if you want pictures of specific guns.
  • Fri, Sep 18, 4:27 PM
    St. John's, Avalon Peninsula
    Tigatron-Beast Wars-*SOLD Jawbreaker-Beast Wars-Transmetal 2-*SOLD Tripredicus-Beast Wars-*SOLD Scourge-Beast Wars-Transmetal 2-*SOLD Deluxe Figures Thrust-Beast Machines Tarantulas-Beast Wars Strika-Beast Machines Jawbreaker-Beast Wars-Transmetal 2 Dinobot-Beast Wars-Transmetal 2 Blackarachnia-Beast Wars Injector-Beast Wars-fuzor Cheetor-Beast Wars-Transmetal 2 Jetstorm (have 2 of these)-Beast Machines Rattrap-Beast Wars-Transmetal Airazor-Beast Wars-Transmetal Blackarachnia-Beast Machines Waspinator-Beast Wars-Transmetal Rhinox-Beast Wars Bonecrusher-Beast Wars Cheetor-Beast Machines Wolfang-Beast Wars Tarantulas-Beast Wars-Transmetal Terrorsaur-Beast Wars-Transmetal Skydive-Beast Machines Skyshadow-Beast Wars-Fuzor Manterror-Beast Wars Tricerodon-Beast Machines Silverbolt-1985 transformers Buzzsaw-Beast Wars Cheetor-Beast Wars-Transmetal Rhinox-Beast Wars-Transmetal Ramulus-Beast Wars-Transmetal 2 Prowl-Beast Wars-Transmetal 2 Optimus Primal-Beast Machines Prowl-Transformers-RID Snarl-Beast Machines Torca-Beast Wars-Fuzor Cheetor-Beast Wars K-9-Beast Wars Rav Deployer-Beast Machines Poison Bite-Beast Wars-Mutant Supreme Figures Optimus Primal Air Attack-Beast Machines Cheetor-Beast Machines Ultra Figures Depth Charge-Beast Wars-Transmetal Optimal Optimus-Beast Wars-Transmetal Jetstorm-Beast Machines Tigerhawk-Beast Wars-Transmetal 2 Rampage-Beast Wars-Transmetal Megatron-Beast Wars Optimus Primal-Beast Wars Magnaboss-Beast Wars T-wrecks-Beast Wars Nightscream-Beast Machines Ultra Transformers Optimus Prime (RID) Ultra Magnus Not pictured* Grimlock-RID Transformers Heavy Load-RID Transformers Retrax-Beast Wars As for prices, make me an offer. I’ll adjust if there’s a specific one you want with parts missing.