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Looking to reach more of your target market and more of your customers in Newfoundland & Labrador? With NL Classifieds, your brand is in front of an already engaged and interactive audience ready to make a purchase. Avoid the wastage of traditional media and reaching uninterested people outside of your target market. Discover the advantage of targeted advertising and measurement that can help ensure a higher return on your advertising budget. With hundreds of thousands of unique visitors each month, NL Classifieds can be the perfect platform for your business to grow and be successful.

Newspaper subscriptions continue to disappear, the radio is being listened to by less people, and more and more people are leaving cable & satellite for Netflix and YouTube. Since 2001, the only media type that has grown is online1. Unlike traditional advertising mediums (radio, television, print (magazines/newspapers), billboards), we can actually target your customers based on their searches, likes/dislikes and behaviour in real-time. NL Classifieds can provide legitimate metrics that go above and beyond the usual ballpark assumptions and guesswork numbers that typically accompany traditional advertising. Do you base your business decisions on guesswork or data and facts? We're confident we can help your advertising dollars go further.

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Get your inventory online and in front of 300,000 potential customers a month.


NL Classifieds allows you to reach your customers where they are rather than waiting for them to come to you. We offer advertising on our full desktop website, on our mobile optimized website and on both our mobile apps (available for iOS and Android devices). This means you can be seen by all demographics, genders and ages on their computers, smartphones, tablets and more. With 83% of Canadians projected to be using mobile devices by 2019 (71% in 2015), it is now more important than ever to be advertising your brand where your customers spend their time - online and on mobile devices2.

NL Classifieds has over 13 Million page views every month. We average over 300,000 unique visitors each month, which represents approximately 3/4 of Newfoundland & Labrador's total population. When you advertise with us, you are reaching huge percentages of your target market and customer base at a place they already spend their free time. With our targeting capabilities, we create the ideal advertising situation for your company and your brand - reaching the right people, at the right time with the right message. Turn your business into the first thought in customer's minds when they think of your industry.

1 - Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada: CMUST 2016 Total Canada (
2 - World Internet and Mobile Users: eMarketer's Updated Estimates for 2015 (



Be seen by over 10,000 local visitors each day.


Experience targeted advertising to get the most out of your budget.


Photos, videos, links and much more give you the ability to customize not only your listings but also a company dedicated page we like to call a Showcase. 


Enjoy the added bonus of being visible across all platforms including our full-website, mobile website and mobile apps (iOS & Android).

website service

Commercial Account: Dedicated to your business & your brand

Create a virtual storefront for hundreds of thousands of potential customers each and every month. With a self-serve commercial account you can manage your online inventory at any time day or night from anywhere on the planet. These accounts offer a flexible form of advertising for a wide range of industries and allow you to have your own company & brand dedicated space on the most widely used online marketplace.


Premium Listings

Premium Listings: Stand out from the competition

Premium listings allow you to specifically target visitors who are most likely to make a purchase and engage with your business. We place your listing in the appropriate classified category to help ensure the best results possible and make your advertising budget go further. In addition, premium listings are placed across the multiple platforms we offer including the desktop website, mobile website, and the iPhone and Android apps available for all phones and tablets.


website service

Commercial Listings: Highlight your products and services

Introduce your latest product(s) to potential customers through commercial listings. This type of listing allows you to promote your product or service precisely where your current and potential customers are spending their time and money. With fully customizable features including rich-text, images, live links, video and more, these budget-friendly listings are sure to catch the eye of your target market.


website service

Banner Campaigns: Build your brand's name

Campaigns can focus on the entire country, province or can even focus on a single small geographical area within Newfoundland & Labrador where your target market may be. Whatever your branding goals are, banner campaigns can help you achieve the desired results with a variety of sizes, visuals and strategies that can make your company the focal point of any industry on Grow your brand today with the hundreds of thousands of site visitors each month.


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Our top priority is our users and providing a safe and secure marketplace that is easy to use.
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