Advertising you can Measure
No guess work, just pure analytics
Newfoundland Labrador Classifieds - Province's Largest Online Market Place is the province's leading online market place with tens of thousands of local people visiting every day. When you advertise with us, you are reaching your target market at the same time they are browsing for goods/services. Advertising is about showing your product in the right place at the right time and that is exactly what NLClassifieds can offer your business. Make your business known and advertise with us.

We are currently offering the following advertising opportunities:

Banner Campaign

Start your provincial wide banner campaign today! With over 40,000 potential customers a day allows you to reach out and attract new clients from all across the province. Choose the top banner and become the focal point of the website or attract customers with a side banner that links to your own website. There are many possibilities, and all of them will promote your business to thousands of potential customers a day.

Commercial Account

Get your inventory online and in front of 244,000 potential customers a month. With a self serve commercial account you can manage your online inventory at anytime from anywhere. Commercial Accounts provide an effective and flexible form of advertising for most industries including automotive, recreation, real estate, industrial equipment, retail and more.

Job Postings

Looking to attract new talent to your company? Our Job category is just the place to start your recruitment campaign. Your campaign runs for two weeks and unlike traditional print media there is no additional cost for images or increased size. You design the look of your ad, include images and use as many words as needed to attract your perfect candidate.

Commercial Listings

Do you want to bring focus to certain products or are you on a tight budget, then promote your product or service in a commercial classified listing. Your listing will be placed under the appropriate classified category where thousands of potential customers will view your listing as they are browsing the website. Complete your classified listing with images and a link to your own website at no extra cost.

For further information on how we can help you or to get your campaign started today contact: