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Scarce book. Life on Ragged Island, out near Ireland's Eye.
Fri, June 23, 8:12 PM
Gander $25.00 
Life and adventure on the Gander River, finely told.
Fri, June 23, 8:06 PM
Gander $20.00 
This rare and vintage hockey magazine contains a great article on Alex Faulkner, Newfoundlander who then played with the Detroit Red Wings. The magazine is in very good condition.
Fri, June 23, 4:55 PM
Mount Pearl $40.00 
These hardcover books are the large / coffee table type and are all in like new condition: Num; Title; Author; Price 1;"A Personal Calligraphy";"Mary Pratt";20 2;"An illustrated history of the Royal Navy";"John WINTON";30 3;"Art Of Illuminated Manuscripts;"J.O. Westwood";40 4;"Birds of the Eastern...
Fri, June 23, 4:51 PM
Mount Pearl $0.00 
Most all of the 500+ books are in like new condition. Prices vary - $5.00 and up. Email for a complete list and price. Thanks.
Fri, June 23, 4:49 PM
Mount Pearl $0.00 
Most of these books are large, coffee table type. Price ranges from $10.00 - $20.00 each. Num;Title;Author 1;"Beatles Album";"Julia Delano" 2;"Beatles Forever";"Helen Spence"3;"Evis Presley: Unseen Archives";"Marie Clayton" 4;"Elvis Presley: Unseen Archives";"Marie Clayton" 5;"Elvis: A Tribute to ...
Fri, June 23, 4:47 PM
Mount Pearl $15.00 
Title;Cost "Boys of Saturday Night";10 "Drive: How Vince Carter Conquered the NBA";5 "Encyclopedia of World Football";10 "ESPN SportsCentury";25 "Faulkner: A Hockey History";10 "For the Love of the Game;25 "Golly Gee--It's Me!: The Howie Meeker Story";10 "Gordie Howe: My Hockey Memories by Gordie Ho...
Fri, June 23, 4:43 PM
Mount Pearl $0.00 
I have a large selection of vintage hockey magazines from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. They include Hockey Pictorial, Hockey Illustrated, Hockey World, Blueline, and Red wings Game Programs. Most prices range from $10 to $20. Respond for a complete list and cost.
Fri, June 23, 4:41 PM
Mount Pearl $0.00 
2017 Heavy Equipment Operator program books from Collage of the North Atlantic. All books where bought new and cost was just over $900. Price is firm at $600.
Fri, June 23, 4:28 PM
Conception Bay South $600.00 
Much on settlement in the area. By Ella Manuel in about 1972.
Fri, June 23, 3:13 PM
Gander $20.00 
The Linds at Sandy Point in the 1850s and 1860s. Also references to places in the area such as Upper and Middle Barachoix, and Crabbes
Fri, June 23, 2:58 PM
Gander $25.00 
Free postage. Sketches of places all over Newfoundland from Chapel Arm to Stephenville.
Fri, June 23, 2:25 PM
Gander $35.00 
Memories of St. George's, Sandy Point, Flat Bay. Footprints in the Sand by Nora Healey Keegan.
Fri, June 23, 2:04 PM
Gander $20.00 
He travelled nearly everywhere on the coast, and even walked into and sailed down Grand Lake with the Mi'kmaq guide, Sulleon.
Fri, June 23, 1:17 PM
Newfoundland $30.00 
Focus on John Esau and Herring Neck and Salt Harbour and emigration to New Zealand.
Fri, June 23, 1:16 PM
Gander $25.00 
History of the Newfoundland Ranger Force - before the days of the RCMP.
Fri, June 23, 1:15 PM
Gander $40.00 
Calvin D. Evans, For the Love of a Woman. Lots on schooners, Northern Arm, Exploits, Black Island, Harry's Harbour, Labrador fishery.
Fri, June 23, 1:14 PM
Gander $30.00 
Entitled "Wanna Cook?" Book is a detailed guide to every episode.
Fri, June 23, 9:53 AM
St. John's $10.00 obo
For sale, Engineering Technology Books. $20 each
Fri, June 23, 8:56 AM
CBS $20.00 
Rare biography of the doctor, Conrad Fitzgerald and his travels in Fortune Bay. Published in 1935. Free postage.
Thu, June 22, 8:59 PM
Gander $150.00 
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