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Wanted to buy Groundfish license in 2J, 3K, 3L, 3PS areas or trinity bay cod IQ
Wed, February 25, 10:28 PM
little hearts ease
Wanted to purchase 50% of a 3L small supplementary crab quota.
Wed, February 25, 8:25 PM
Long cove
For Sale Inshore Fishing enterprise, less than 40', Area 10 3PS. Includes: - Ground fish -Double Cod Quota, approximately 35,000 HOG - 2 Crab quotas, approximately 22,500 lbs - Mackerel, fixed gear - Lump, Lobster and scallop Please phone 709-463-2241 or 709-227-4927
Wed, February 25, 2:10 PM
Southern Harbour
Complete 3K fishing enterprise..... Email me with what quota you got and your asking price.
Tue, February 24, 11:28 PM
We are a brokerage firm looking to act on your behalf. We have people interested in buying.
Tue, February 24, 6:06 PM
St. John's
REDUCED PRICE - Ground fish license including lump, herring, mackerel, capelin, scallop, squid, whelk, lobster and snow crab. 34' 11 deck long liner available as well. Jenkins Baiter 6 aluminum trays with 36 lines.
Tue, February 24, 2:55 PM
This license has already been combined and can be split up between fishers
Tue, February 24, 12:41 PM
St. John's
Looking to purchase area 3B or 3C crab licenses for the white bay or Green Bay. Will consider licenses alone or with a boat. Please email with what licenses you have, what's included for gear and how much your looking to get.
Sun, February 22, 7:58 PM
34'11" Longliner fitted for crab. Licenses for crab, cod, lump, capelin, lobster, whelk, herring, squid and mackerel. Includes 130 crab pots and rope, 25 cod nets, 50 lump nets, 200 lobster pots, 10 herring nets, 1 capelin trap and 1 small seine. Price: $100,000.00
Sun, February 22, 7:37 PM
Twillingate $100,000.00
Looking for a complete enterprise for 3l. Multiple crab license preferred. Please email me with the price and quota you have.
Sun, February 22, 2:37 PM
Looking to buy area 3c crab licenses. Email with what you have for a license and what quota and how much, also what gear and if there is a boat included.
Fri, February 20, 12:36 AM
Wanting to buy a Trinity Bay Crab license. Also if you have a cod license you're thinking about selling, give me a call...Thanks
Sun, February 15, 8:39 PM
Grate's Cove
Wanted to buy 3 k enterprise with crab and shrimp wanted to buy ASAP with no company's or brokers involved then there's extra money for the seller
Fri, February 13, 10:36 PM
North east coast
Wanted 3k fishing enterprise... Email or text with what you have. Willing to pay top price.
Fri, February 13, 4:51 PM
looking to purchase 3d licenses
Mon, January 26, 9:51 AM
Wanted to buy 3KD Inshore Crab-Cod Licence. Have Money ,Ready to Purchase .Not like 90% Plus Looking for a Licence , that will have to wait for Fish Company Money.
Fri, January 23, 10:17 AM
Mount Pearl
I am looking to buy 3k inshore crab licenses in the white bay. Email with what you have and how much you're looking to get.
Thu, January 22, 9:45 PM
.... $1.00
herring purse seine areas 13 and 14 , caplin purse seine areas 12,13,14, 
Tue, January 20, 5:24 PM
corner brook $1.00
Looking to buy [6b inner/outter]fishing licenses
Tue, January 20, 11:56 AM
Tue, September 30, 2014
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