Welcome to the 2019-2020 ECHL Season!

Throughout the season we will have multiple ticket giveaways where fans can enter to win a gift pack of NL Classifieds swag items and two seats in our center ice season tickets! We are pumped to be bringing the Newfoundland Growlers ECHL season to our fans and users across NL. We will continue to giveaway many sets of our season tickets throughout the season and hopefully into the playoffs as a thank you to our fans for making us the most popular local website in the province!

Congrats to our recent winners!

  • Sheri Ford of St. John's, NL - Jan 14th game

  • Emily Kehoe of St. John's, NL - Jan 15th game

  • Alphonsus Walsh from St. John’s, NL - Jan 31st game

  • Jessika Rose from Harbour Grace South, NL - Feb 1st game

  • Sandy Barry from St. John’s, NL - VALENTINES DAY WINNER

  • Rob Whiteway from Gould, NL - Feb 15th game

  • Alphonsus Walsh from St. John’s, NL - Feb 18th game

  • Ryan Johnston of St. John's, NL - Feb 19th game

  • Claude Osmond of Gander Bay, NL - Mar 4th game

  • Kathy Howell of St. Johns, NL - Mar 6th game

  • Darcy Lawlor of Outer Cove, NL - Mar 7th game

  • Benjamin Eason of CBS, NL - Mar 17th game

You can see our full contest rules and regulations below.


  • Tickets will not be mailed and must be collected by 5pm on Game Day or by 5pm Friday if the game falls on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday). If tickets are not collected by these times, they will be forfeited. Any forfeited tickets/prize will not be reissued or reimbursed. 

  • We invite our fans to enter each and every ticket giveaway as well as invite friends and family to do the same. The draws are random so repeat winners are possible. 

  • As always, you can reach us by phone at 709-237-7300 or at support@nlclassifieds.com with any questions, comments or concerns.

More details about the contest

Special Contests may also take place during the season around certain holidays such as Halloween, Valentine's Day & St. Patrick's Day. These contests usually include a special addition to our normal giveaway to help celebrate the corresponding holiday so stay tuned!

We are also continuing our hugely successful Advent Calendar Campaign from previous years. This campaign takes place throughout the month of December building up to Christmas Day and as it always has, it will include game-day tickets taking place that month. You definitely do not want to miss out on this one! 

We look forward to sending you to cheer on the bys at Mile One and thank you all once again for helping make us Newfoundland & Labrador's leading classifieds marketplace!!

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* NL Classifieds Inc. is in no way affiliated with the Newfoundland Growlers or the East Coast Hockey League *