Welcome to the 2021-2022 ECHL Season!

Throughout the season we will have multiple ticket giveaways where fans can enter to win Newfoundland Growlers tickets! We are pumped to be bringing the Newfoundland Growlers ECHL season to our fans and users across NL. We will continue to giveaway many sets of our season tickets throughout the season and hopefully into the playoffs as a thank you to our fans for making us the most popular local website in the province!

Congrats to our recent winners!

  • Rod Lewis of Holyrood, NL - Nov 6th game

  • Lori Critch of Holyrood, NL - Nov 12th game

  • Alyssa Parsley of Seal Cove, NL - Nov 13th game

  • Stephen Connors of St. John's, NL - Nov 14th game

  • Harold Mercer of Upper Island Cove, NL - Dec 1st game

  • Larry Browne of St. John's, NL - Dec 3rd game

  • Brian Mercer of St. John's, NL - Dec 3rd game

  • Amber McCarthy of Holyrood, NL - Dec 4th game

  • Wanda Adams of St. John's, NL - Dec 4th game

  • Juanita Mackey of North River, NL - Dec 10th game

  • John Ryan of St. John's, NL - Dec 12th game

  • Mike Barry of St. John's, NL - Jan 7th game

  • Randy Reid of Green's Harbour, NL - Jan 7th game

  • Dion Goodyear of Paradise, NL - Jan 9th game

  • Heidi Wiebe of Petty Harbour, NL - Mar 4th game

  • James Nugent of St. John's, NL - Mar 4th game

  • Richard Robinson of Bay Roberts, NL - Mar 5th game

  • Bob Reid of CBS, NL - Mar 5th game

  • Ron Dillon of St. Mary’s, NL - Mar 6th game

  • Nathan Ryan of Ferryland, NL - Mar 6th game

  • Kim Keeping of Goulds, NL - Mar 9th game

  • Glenn Squires of Paradise, NL - Mar 9th game

  • Albert Anthony of Foxtrap, NL - Mar 11th game

  • Valda Griffiths of St. John's, NL - Mar 11th game

  • Gary Pelley of Portugal Cove-St. Phillips, NL - Mar 12th game

  • Cody Finlay of Paradise, NL - Mar 13th game

  • Noah Griffiths of St. John’s, NL - April 1st game

  • Hope Lewis is of Harbour Main, NL - April 1st game

  • Sean Dillon of Paradise, NL - April 2nd game

  • Jennifer Barnes of Pouch Cove, NL - April 2nd game

  • Russ Winsor of CBS, NL - April 3rd game

  • Shawna Decker of St. John’s, NL - April 3rd game

  • Gary Hanlon of St. John’s, NL - April 8th game

  • Glenna Winsor of CBS, NL - April 8th game

  • Tony Winsor of Gander, NL - April 9th game

  • Michelle Power of St. John’s, NL - April 9th game

  • Jackie Drake of CBS, NL - April 10th game

  • Jim Batten of CBS, NL - April 10th game

  • Darren Flynn of CBS, NL - April 22nd game

  • Randy Moores of Victoria, NL - April 22nd game

  • Richard Fleet of St. John’s, NL - April 23rd game

  • Justin Kelly of Gambo, NL - April 23rd game

  • Lori Janes of Paradise, NL - May 11th game

  • Shawn Percy of Brigus, NL - May 11th game

  • Brianna Mulcahy of Bay Bulls - May 20th game

  • Jessica Miller of Torbay - May 20th game

  • Alicia Bickford of Avondale - May 22nd game

  • Mackenzie Ford of Victoria - May 22nd game

You can see our full contest rules and regulations below.


  • Tickets will not be mailed and must be collected by 5pm on Game Day or by 5pm Friday if the game falls on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday). If tickets are not collected by these times, they will be forfeited. Any forfeited tickets/prize will not be reissued or reimbursed. 

  • We invite our fans to enter each and every ticket giveaway as well as invite friends and family to do the same. The draws are random so repeat winners are possible. 

  • As always, you can reach us by phone at 709-237-7300 or at support@nlclassifieds.com with any questions, comments or concerns.

We look forward to sending you to cheer on the Growlers and thank you all once again for helping make us Newfoundland & Labrador's leading classifieds marketplace!!

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