Notices Regarding COVID-19


Due to the recent outbreaks of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we will be preventing all listings which advertise the resale of products such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, N95/N100 masks, surgical masks, etc.. We will also monitor for other items that may come in shortage as this crisis continues.  These measures are being taken to prevent users from hoarding essential supplies with the intent of reselling them at inflated prices. We urge users to contact us at (709)-237-7300 if they notice any listings of this nature.


The NBL Canada has decided to suspend their season until further notice and the ECHL has officially canceled the remainder of theirs. Unfortunately, this means we are unable to continue our Edge giveaway contests until further notice and also that our Growlers contests are forced to end until next season. If the NBL Canada returns for the remainder of the season and allows fans to attend games, we will continue our Edge contests! We'll provide an update when the league makes an announcement.

Additional Information

We encourage our users to familiarize themselves with the COVID-19 related information resources made available by the provincial government.

You may also dial 811 for information over the phone.

When meeting with other NL Classifieds users to make exchanges, please be especially sure to take the recommended containment precautions outlined by the government!

Stay safe and healthy everyone!