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75 Main Street
Glovertown, Newfoundland
Ph: 709.533.2215
  •  Fri, Jul 30, 2:22 PM
     Glovertown, Central/Interior
    Come check out our great prices on shower stalls! Glovertown Home Hardware can help you with all of your building and renovation needs! Call today at 533-2215.

  •  Fri, Jul 30, 2:12 PM
     Glovertown, Central/Interior
    Looking for a hands free approach to manage your lawn care? Check out the Husqvarna Robotic Lawn Mowers at Glovertown Home Hardware. Call us today at 533-2215!

  •  Fri, Jul 30, 2:10 PM
     Glovertown, Central/Interior
    Time to upgrade to an easier way to cut your lawn? Look no further... we have lawn tractors available! Contact the store today at 533-2215 for more information!

  •  Fri, Jul 30, 2:02 PM
     Glovertown, Central/Interior
    Great Price on Plywood! 54.99/sheet for 1/2" and 61.99/sheet for 5/8". Call today to get yours before it's all gone! 533-2215