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      St. John's, Avalon Peninsula
  • $13,000.00neg
    Fri, Jul 10, 9:13 PM
    St. John's, Avalon Peninsula
    2008 Jeep Wrangler 2dr, hard top, 6cyl, 6spd manual Jeep is in excellent condition, lots of mechanical work done, just passed inspection July 10th, 2020 -inspection slip included. I was planning on keeping this Jeep for the long term, and have been treating it as such, but I have recently decided to take advantage of the good deals on brand new Jeeps, so I have ordered a new Wrangler JL. This Jeep has had synthetic oil changes every 5000km religiously, as well as rustproofing every year. 188,xxxkm, lots of hwy km. Engine still runs like a top. Mechanical work done in the last 2-1/2yrs includes: -replaced all brake rotors, pads and calipers, soft brake lines -replaced exhaust manifold, catalytic converters, and muffler -replaced steering shaft & u-joint -replaced full clutch assembly -heavy duty lifetime warranty -replaced oil pan -replaced spark plugs and wires -replaced rear pinion seal -synthetic fluid in tansmission, T-case, and diffs. -new radiator, thermostat, and fan controller -new fuel filler neck, EVAP canister/pump and lines -new windshield -replaced all tie-rod ends, ball joints, u-joints, wheel bearings, wheel speed sensors (3 out of 4 I think) -wheel alignment Some of this work has been done by Fred at GHB Automotive, some by John at A+ Automotive, and the odd bit (brakes mostly) done at Canadian Tire (only out of convenience). Oil and fluid changes I have done myself. Other than the aftermarket LED headlights and tail lights, and a few cosmetic trim pieces, this Jeep is 100% stock. Stock wheels and tires on it, also included are 4 alloy wheels with studded winter tires. Has seen a few light trails, but no serious off-roading. Very clean and in great condition, worth having a look at. Fred Harnum at GHB Automotive told me he can’t believe how good of shape this Jeep is in for the year.