Protect yourself from
online scammers.

At NL we take great measures to keep our users as safe as possible from scams. Any attempts made against our users will be recorded and publicly posted online. We share this information so our users can become informed about to better protect themselves. If you believe you have been in contact with a scammer feel free to contact us right away.

The Best way to protect yourself from scams online is to be well informed. If you would like more information contact us below.

Contact NL Classifieds


NL Classifieds will NEVER contact users and request USERNAMES or PASSWORDS.


Verify that emails are from addresses. Looking at the sender's email is one of the easiest ways to identify a scam.


If you receive an email message or text like the examples below, do not reply or click any links. Delete it immediately.



Vehicle History Scam

It's very common for buyers to want a vehicle history report when buying a vehicle. However watch out if asked for a history report different from one you are already providing, especially if from an unknown website. This could be a scam!

  • This unknown site will ask for a fee for the report to be paid by credit card.
  • Peter Grey -
  • Phone Number 1-825)-250-0201
  • Phone number 1-431-305-7566

Fake/Scammer email requesting login and password

  • Claiming to be NL Classifieds and asking for your user info and password by email/text to gain access to your account.

    We will never ask for your password!!!

    Some known emails and phone numbers used in this scam:

    • 204-674-5400
    • 337-243-1840
    • and/or

  • Scamming people by posting items and taking deposits. These all seem to be the same person or the same group of people:,,,,, and phone number 709-327-6600
  • Shipping/Over Payment Scam - Scammers claim to arrange the shipping and send more money than you are asking by certified cheque or now a mobile cheque. Then ask that you send them back the difference. Recent email and numbers reported:

    • 319-313-6222
    • Craig Brown - phone numbers 302-203-7297, 302-803-9959, 681-758-5200 and 347-260-4184
    • Phone number 709-701-4193, sending cheque through Fed Ex, cheque is more than asking price and from Lab Equip Ltd. Asking for overpayment to be used to pay shipper.
    • 385-202-3872
    • using phone number 930-207-2628
    • using phone number 236-300-5628
    • and two numbers 709-400-0527 and 709-401-2135
    • Phone Number 920-212-9328
    • Phone Number 423-377-4965
    • Phone Number 936-701-6299
    • Shipping/Over Payment Scam example Message

Known Scammer e-Mails and Phone Numbers

  • and
  • 1-801-405-9658 is contacting people selling autos on the site trying to get information.
  • Tommy Dove using phone number 709-702-5314 - posted a Honda Civic for sale taking deposits.
  • Mitch - using phone number 709-910-5226
  • Carl Wiebe -,, and phone numbers 709-909-0812 and 709-209-3445
  • Mason Martin - and and phone number 709-707-6354
  • Mason Martin - using name Scott Randolph.
  • Mason Martin - and phone number 709-703-5226
  • Mason Martin - and phone number 709-501-5768
  • Mason Martin - and phone number 709-701-8029
  • Mason Martin -
  • and phone number 323-435-0757
  • and phone number 709-910-7762
  • and and phone number: 709-702-5248
  • and phone number: 709-209-2562
  • and phone number: 709-707-0234
  • and phone number: 709-980-2617
  • and phone number: 709-700-8517
  • New Puppy scam using email:
  • Nick Ryan or George Dobbin using email addresses: or both with phone number 709-910-6001
  • and phone numbers 709-983-0353 and 807-788-4044
  • Harris Newmen, and phone number 709-725-2541
  • and phone number 709-640-6444
  • 709-400-2906
  • Ryan Kevin Buckle or Michael Gatheal and phone number 709-400-0539
  •, and phone number 709-800-6393
  • and phone number 709-351-2495
  • and phone numbers 709-237-3415, 709-800-4705 and 709-800-3164
  • and phone number 709-800-5195
  • and phone numbers 709-800-5013 and 709-800-7247
  • Doug Langer - and phone number 709-700-5791
  • and phone number 709-701-1860
  • Matthew Allie - Claiming they are from California and they want your banking information to do a wire transfer.
  • Westcott - and phone number 709-985-1506
  • Rick Park - and and phone numbers: 709-701-4172, 709-454-2956 and 709-701-1860. Claim they are "Graham's Auto", Graham's Auto has been contacted and have no idea who this is using their name.
  • Ken - and phone numbers: 709-800-3047 and 709-700-4067. Claim they are using "Home Hardware" as the shipping method and make reference to local people at stores to convince you.
  • and phone number 709-800-4545. Claim they are using "Midland" as shipping method.
  • and phone number 709-800-4242. Claim they are using "Midland" as shipping method.
  • John Greene - and phone number 709-700-7401
  • and phone number 709-701-8029
  • and phone number 709.800.4092
  • Sarah - and phone number 709.800.4928
  • Pauline or Pauline and Sam -
  • Wayne Simmons - and phone number 709.800.6687
  • Don Sheppard - and phone number 709.700.3900
  • Rick Peddle - and phone numbers 709.800.4894 and 709.800.3812
  • and phone number 709.985.1578
  • and phone numbers 709.701.8022 and 709.701.3479
  • Tony and Cameron, e-mails: or and phone numbers 709.800.3812, 709.700.6825 and 709.701.4883
  • Claims to be away and will send shipping company for pick-up. Phone number 1.615.334.8884
  • and phone number 709.701.4883
  • and phone numbers 709.753.2465 and 709.219.5095
  • and phone numbers 709.753.2465 and 709.219.5095
  • and phone number 709.984.2403
  • and phone number 709.800.6390
  • and phone number 709.700.3946
  • and phone number 709.800.6681
  • Robert using email and phone number 709.722.4168
  • Randy using email similar to and phone number 709.701.1849. He is saying he works for Hickeys Building Supplies so he can ship items on trucks all across the island.
  • Justin (local to Newfoundland) - Many phone numbers and names. He will tell you he is working away and needs a e-transfer to hold the item. Working offshore, Voisey's Bay, etc...
  • Harold Hiscock - 709.400.1631 - - aka Justin
  • Andrew and Marinna - 709.400.7393 -,,
  • Gerard smith - 709.910.0237 - 709.702.2137
  • - 506.712.2417
  • 709.400.1060
  • - 709.500.6235
  • 709.700.1322
  • 709.701.7530
  • 709.701.5647 and 709.910.0237
  • 709.701.5647
  • 929.430.4219
  • 917.765.7072
  • 709.909.0268
  • 703.659.6348
  • 707.278.8603
  • 709.910.5225

Buyer Beware / E-Transfer Scam

With the increased popularity of e-transfers, there has been an increase in reports of scammers asking for a deposit or payment in advance. NL Classifieds strongly advises against sending money without viewing or securing the item for sale.

If a seller is trying to get you to send them money to hold an item this should be a RED FLAG.

I can trust them because they are local!!! Not TRUE!!! Many of the scammers appear to be local; living right here in Newfoundland and Labrador.

We recommend never sending money for an item until you have the item in hand. If you do choose to send money in advance then you assume all responsibility that you could lose it.

If you feel that you have been the victim of a scam you should report it to your local police department as soon as possible. Keep copies of all your emails, text messages, and phone numbers, as well as any other information that could help the police.

A list of local RCMP offices can be found here:

Royal Newfoundland Constabulary website:

REQUEST FOR USERNAMES / PASSWORDS AND OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION will never request information like usernames/passwords or personal information through these methods. If you have any doubts about any message you have received from NL Classifieds or if you feel you may have been affected, call us directly to confirm it is an authentic message via email: or Call: (709) 237-7300 and we will help you.

If you receive an email message or text like the examples below, do not reply or click any links. Delete it immediately.

HELPFUL TIP: One of the easiest things to check when receiving a message like this would be the sender's email address/Phone Number. As you can see in the example below these emails did not come from an official email address. See below for some known examples and screenshots of fake emails from scammers.


Example of contact with a user

He texted and called me. Telephone number is 709-800-4242. He used the email I was looking for a snowcoach for my dogs. He texted me and said he had one. Sent me a pic. He first said I didn’t have to send the money first. Then asked for half. Said his wife wouldn’t let him send it without it. So I explained to him that I felt uncomfortable about it and told him about this email (The warning email NL Classifieds sends users). He said yes he had gotten one as well when he posted he wanted ad for a snowmobile track. Then he told me that a friend of his works with Midland and that he would ship it out for $100. And told me I didn’t have to pay for the snowcoach upfront but I would have to pay for the shipping. I then asked about getting a copy of the receipt for shipping. He said his buddy was doing it for cash. So I asked him to take a picture of the snow coach in the back of the truck. He then said he was going to go and get it cleaned up and bring it to this guy. He didn’t message for a couple hours. Then apologized Saying that he forgot to take a picture. That he left his phone in his truck and there wasn’t any service where he was to. All of this was Tuesday night. He also said someone else was interested. Kind of pushing me to send the $100. He said the midland guy was going to grand falls Wednesday but would be in corner Brook Thursday. So we didn’t have contact Wednesday.

I guess that gave him time to ditch his phone and get the email unlinked from his account. Since then there has been no contact. Oh he gave me his Drivers Licence number. I called the RNC. They ran it and he doesn’t exist.

Below is an example of a text message from the scammer claiming that YOU the user are in fact a scammer.

The scammer will make an accusation that NL Classifieds has identified YOU as the scammer. This is done so they can follow up minutes later with a fake email from NL Classifieds claiming to suspend your account for scams unless you send your username and password. NL Classifieds WILL NEVER request any user information via email or text messages.


Dear User,

This email is to let you know that your advert on NLclassifieds are currently active but we are going to suspend your account for 48 hours because we have found the following issue when reviewing your adverts which is breaching our terms and conditions of use.

Please note that we need need to verify your name and full address before we can approve your account again. Please could you make sure that your name and address inlcuding house number are entered correctly on your profile.

You can verify your name and address by emailing us a scanned copy or photograph of your Driving License

To re-activate your account,please you need to respond back to this email with your

for verification or your account will be temporally suspended

Once you have activated your NLclassifieds account, you will be able to login and access your account.

NLclassifieds Support Team