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Posted: Mon, April 12, 3:03 PM

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Gander, Central/Interior
451 James Blvd

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Key Features
Yanmar 3-Cylinder Diesel Engine
2-Range HST Transmission
1,100 lb Hitch Lift Capacity
Optional Loader: 619 lb Capacity
Yanmar Diesel Engine: Reliable, powerful, and rugged. 22 gross horsepower Maximum fuel efficiency 3-cylinder, liquid cooled diesel performance.
Powerful Yanmar EPA Tier 4 certified 3-cylinder, liquid cooled 21.5HP diesel performance.
With Large Fuel Capacity, the T224 is ready for many hours of use on the field before the next refuel.
Manufacturer: Yanmar
Model: 3TNM74F
Type: Natural Aspiration
HP-Gross: 21.5 (16)
Rated Engine Speed: 3000
Number of Cylinders: 3 (cc): 60.9 (993)
Air Cleaner: Single Dry
Alternator: 12V40A
Fuel System Type: Indirect Fuel Injection
Transmission Type: HST
Number of Speeds: 2 Range
Max Traveling Speed, mph (km/h): 7.8 (12.5)
Brakes: Wet Disc
Steering: Hydrostatic
Clutch: N/A
Hydraulic System
Pump Type: Single Gear Pump with Flow Divider
Implement Pump Cap. gpm (L/Min): 4.17 (15.8)
Steering Pump Cap.gpm (L/Min): 2.11 (8)
Max Total Flow gpm (L/Min): 6.97 (26.4)
Category, 3 Point Hitch: 1 (N)
Hitch Lift Capacity, lb (kg): 1100 (499)
at 24 inches behind link ends, lb (kg): 679 (308)
Lift Control Type: Position
Joy Stick Valve: N/A
No. of standard remote valves - option: N/A
Type: Independent
Control: Electric/Hydro
Mid (rpm) - option: 2,500
Rear (rpm): 540
Shaft Diameter in. (mm): 1 3/8 (35)
Fuel Tank, US gal (L): 6.6 (25)
Cooling System US qt (L): 3.7 (3.5)
Crankcase (with filter) US qt (L): 2.1 (2)
Trans & Hydr System US gal (L): 3.6 (13.5)
Front Axle qt (L): 2.6 (2.5)
Total Weight, lb(kg): 1433 (650)
Overall Length, in (mm) with 3P: 94.2 (2394)
Overall Width, in (mm): 44.5 (1130)
Wheelbase, in (mm): 53.1 (1350)
Height to top of ROPs, in (mm): 86.6 (2200)
Min. Ground Clearance, in (mm): F/A 8.3 (210)
Min. Turn Radius, in (mm) with Brakes: -
Min. Turn Radius, in (mm) w/o Brakes: 86.6 (2200)
Standard Tires
Agricultural Front: BAR F 16x6.50-8
Agricultural Rear: BAR R 24x12.00-12
Turf Front: TURF F 16x7.50-8
Turf Rear: TURF R 24x12.00-12

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