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Newberry Dolls For Sale
Posted: Wed, December 11, 2019, 10:13 AM

Price: $15.00 obo

Contact Information:

Chapel Arm, Avalon Peninsula

Listing Details:

My daughter has out grown her dolls and would like for another little girl to enjoy them. Most items are the Newberry name. Items combined are valued at approximately $300.00

3 Newberry dolls $15.00 each
Dolls cradle $15.00,
dolls high chair $10.00,
dolls wardrobe $10.00,
newberry bake shop $10.00,
newberry desk and chair $5.00,
newberry mirror & wardrobe $5.00,
dolls travel case $5.00
dolls seat for table $5.00
assortment of clothing sets $2.00-$7.00

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