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Operations Manager
Posted: Tue, September 7, 1:05 PM

Contact Information:

Gander, West Coast

Listing Details:

Operations Manager [A part-time, contingency (no base salary) position at present]

Ecoshellfish is a start-up aquaculture sole-proprietorship currently at the incubation stage. I have an opening for an Operations Manager.

REQUIRED for this position is a secondary or post-secondary education. (Please NOTE that the educational requirement will be assessed as per institutional codings.)

Assets for this position may include:
• experience / education in marketing
• experience /education in business management
• education in the aquaculture industry
• extensive technical experience on a mussel farm for an entire grow-out cycle
• other experience in the aquaculture industry
• experience or a course in commercial diving
• CPR / first aid courses
• experience in the commercial fishery
• any diving or boating experience

Resumés and scanned copies of academic transcripts can be emailed to with ECOSHELLFISH placed in the subject line.

IMPORTANT: Applicants must submit copies of academic transcripts (marks) in order to further processing of their application.