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Xbox 360 Console bundle Loaded with 301 digital Games,
Posted: Wed, June 29, 6:32 PM

Price: $150.00

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C.B.S, Avalon Peninsula

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For sale
Xbox 360 Mincraft Console bundle, Loaded with 301. games on Hard drives.
The DVD drive works for movies, but I get an error when playing Game disks, thats why I have all digital games downloaded 100's and 100's of hours of games from all genres , the ultimate Arcade console

Some of these digital games you cannot get from the Xbox store anymore

Comes with 120gb internal hard drive and 2 x 500gb external hard drives, 2 controllers and power supply. and Kinect camera
still lots of room on internal hard drive for other game saves. All games on the console were downloaded from the Xbox Live store within the last 10+ years and all licenses for all games are valid on this console forever. No hacks or Mods here. Play all the listed digital games without worring about switching or loosing disks

Digital Games on hard drives include
1. Army of Two
2. A world of Keflings
3. Aegis Wing
4. Age of Booty
5. Assassin’s Creed
6. Assassins Creed II
7. Assassins Creed III
8. Assassins creed Rogue
9. Assassins Creed Revelations
10. Alan Wake
11. BattleField 3
12. Bayonetta
13. Bolt (Disney)
14. Brave The video Game
15. Cars 2 The Video Game
16. Castlevania LOS
17. Castlevania LOS 2
18. Castlevania LOS MOF
19. Castlevania SOTN
20. Child of Eden
21. Civilization Revolution
22. Comic Jumper
23. Crackdown
24. Crazy Taxi
25. Dante’s Inferno
26. Dash of destruction
27. Dead Space 2
28. Dead Space 3
29. Dead Rising 2
30. Dear Rising 2 Case zero
31. Deadfall Adventures
32. Deadlight
33. Defense Grid
34. Destroy all Humans
35. Disney Epic Mickey 2 Power of two
36. Doritos crash Course
37. Doritos dash of destruction
38. Destiny the Taken King
39. Dragon Age Origins
40. Dragon Age 2
41. Dungeon Defenders
42. Dust
43. Earth Defense Force 2025
44. Earth Defense Force 2017
45. Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon
46. Fable 3
47. Game of Thrones (The Game) (all 6 seasons)
48. Gears of War, 2 ,3 and Judgment
49. MineCraft 360 edition

Message me for complete list of games

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